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Jill wishes to sue Joe for sex misconduct.

Joe Groped My Big Bouncy Butt

by Liberty Justice

Joe groped Jill's big bouncy behind.
Thought she wouldn't truly mind.
Joe thrust his tongue down her mouth.
Jill kicked him low down south.

But, she kneed him in the groin.
Turned Joe's goodies into tender loin.
Joe yelled she is silly stupid slut.
So, Sue kicked him in his jello gut.
Joe squeezed her big bouncy butt.

Now, Sue wishes to sue him in court,
For sex misconduct of some sort.
Incident occurred when she turned eighteen.
Joe registered himself to be sex fiend.

Begged forgiveness for his terrible choices.
Friends supported him with loud proud voices.
Joe promised not to do it never no more.
Swore no more would he yell "big butt whore."

Joe didn't wish to lose his nice job;
Nor his wife, so sorrowfully, he did sob.
Sue decided to drop big bouncy butt incident.
Joe, 92, wheeling on two rollers ,did genuinely repent.

Life Without The Letter A writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story or poem of any length without using the letter 'A'. Please see announcement for details.

NOTE: RULES state that we can not use the letter "a" in our poem or story. This took some creative thinking, because I kept using words with "a" and I said "Oops" and had to go back and change these words. I believe "a" might be the most popularly used letter in the alphabet. Right?!

MY OPINION: I never ever give out LOW reviews, such as Average or Good, because I feel since a writer took his time and energy to write his posts, then they deserve a 5--excellent or 6--exceptional. If I feel a writing is terrible, I just won't grade it, because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or embarrass anyone. I will SKIP it; however, all the writings I have ever read are AWESOME, and I, always give 5's or 6's--excellent and exceptional.

REMEMBER: I don't rate authors' writings because I don't like the topic, or don't agree with the political issues of today; rather I review according to how nicely poem rhymes or doesn't rhyme and whether of not authors' followed the rules. If the rules state that any type of writings and any types of length and form is permitted; then, I don't take off the stars, if writer doesn't write the way I would write.

NOTE: I referred to incidents in the news, where women shouted men groped them some time ago when they were 14 or 15 years ago and some are 65 years of age now. So, these sexual harassment acts of groping women's behind, sticker their tongue in women's ears, and grabbing their breasts happened 20 to 50 years ago.

These accused sexual offenders are asking, if these acts occurred, then why did these females wait so long to come forward. Some men are Congressmen, have wives and children, a man running for a Senate seat, famous movie directors and actors.

The news even showed poor ex-president George Bush, Senior riding around in a wheel chair. Some women exclaimed that he groped her years ago.

I tried to poke fun and put a little humor into a very serious matter, and I am certainly not taking sides, one way or the other
What's your opinions on these allegations?
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