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Swamp Ape

Folk Lore

by country ranch writer

America is a country rich in folklore. They're whispered around campfires and most likely passed down from one generation to another as we well know from our kinfolk. These stories tend to spark fear in the hearts and minds of small children and some adults too.

Some of the most eeriest and most persistent stories don't travel far There subjects have been known to take on many shapes and sizes these blood thirsty creatures of the night, vengeance-seeking or sinister vortices, each time they are told. The terror spreads as the stories begging to unfold. Like the story of the Skunk Ape of the Everglades.

The Everglades are filled with an array of terrifying creatures and they are creepy to say the least. From man eating alligators, man eating snakes right on down to man eating road kill.

The Skunk Ape is said to be a relative of the Bigfoot clan. A fully grown Skunk Ape has been said to stand somewhere's between 5 to 7 feet. They say he weighs in at or around 450 pounds. They have a horrific smell sort of a cross between a "sun dried animal Carkass," and a "rotting garbage dump!"

The diet of the Skunk Ape is said to be mostly one of berries and small animals found in the Everglades.,
No one seems to know where the Swamp ape comes from for sure. Many of the old folks say it may have migrated down from the mountains and finally found refuge down in the swamplands. A place where they could be safe from humans and room to roam freely at will.

Many folks just believe it is just a tale made up by folks believing in telling tall tales of folk lore as they see fit. I would advise everyone in the swampland area to take caution for you may never know just when you might run up on one unexpectedly.

We like to think there is nothing out there that could be threatening to us. But remember swamp apes aren't afraid of anything! The legend has been a mystery since the explorers settled in this country. Other names for this skunk ape are swamp cabbage man, swamp ape, stink ape, Florida Big Foot, myakkaape,swampsquatch, Louisianna Big Foot.

Of course not all skunk ape reports represent sightings of bears, some are the product of folklore. Yet on the other hand many of the Bears have been mistaken for the Swamp Apes.

The Swamp apes have been heard out in the swamps grunting, growling, I or producing a. "Stressful breathing sound or clicking they have been observed eating, hiding in between branches of the trees as to camaflouge themselves from people. They have supposedly been spotted drinking water from streams and rivers. Some say they been viewed catching fish from the streams where there is plenti of food. Many have been seen wandering into camp sights at night looking for food and other useful stuff to drag off.

These stories are still told each and every day throughout the world and we wonder to ourselves. Are these stories for real or just stories made up as they go along for attention. Who can really say? Has anyone really in all actuality seen a Swamp Ape up close and personal? What would you do or say if you come face to face with one? Would you run and hide or take notes, picturs, or follow them from a safe distance to see where they would lead you so you could return to camp and tell the others? If you were able that is! So may things you here by the camp fire, and what do you really think they are telling the truth or spinning an eerie yarn?
I can say this there are stories told all over the world on this subject and that I hope my yarn was informative for the Swamp Ape legend. I think a lot of the Swamp Apes found here in Florida are wild Apes from all the movies made over the years. I know for a fact there are wild monkeys living on the river.there have been so many stories passed down from generation to generation one must decide for themselves what story to believe.

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