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Fate brings Eu El to a darker shadow from the other side

A chapter in the book Fortune Cookies

Welcome Day

by Cybertron1986

Above picture is the actual dorm window.

Below picture is an artist's water paint rendition.

Looking closely, you will discover that The Other Side of the Shadows exists beyond this story.
1996, Mary Park Dormitory.

A subtle breeze jostles a tree branch as the Fall leaves scatter themselves onto a concrete path that leads to a sign that reads, "Welcome Fall '96 Students!"

The building's bland paint, simple architecture, and ageless foliage gives an old, but not yet ancient impression. From the Pacific's shore, just a walking distance to the west under the already fading sunlight, a thick overcast sweeps across a bustling crowd of young, and eager students.

Three floors above Mary Park's lobby, Tupac's "Changes," a defining song of the times, blares from a window in attempt to liven the campus' mood marred only by the comments of disapproving parents claiming, "That's not music."

Gamers, without delay, fashion their cubical dorm with the latest in modern video game entertainment: a Super Nintendo console. Inside the lobby, a small crowd gathers by a bulletin board displaying a list of updated room assignments.

Two young girls, carrying a home gym the size of a bed upstairs, go almost unnoticed. Another pair of roommates physically struggle with a 48 inch television screen. Yet, they seem to attract more attention than the exercise equipment.

There is a streching line of homesick students waiting to use one of four occupied phone booths aligned side-by-side against the lobby wall.

It is there that we turn our attention to the second booth from the left, where a young girl is casually seated. She is dressed in a black business outfit. Her straight black hair, just touching her shoulders, is softly pressed against the phone's speaker, where her ear is slightly covered. Her exotic eyes tell an untold secret of a faraway land, where many claim they know very well through television, but few have ever traveled to. She exhibits motions that are more mature and sophisticated as compared to the other girls her age; every moment of her laughter is conservatively covered by her hand. From behind the clear booth door, her conversation is inaudible.

For now, her presence is insignificant. However, without anyone's awareness, her being has sparked an emotion of interest from across the lobby.

The body language of her soft giggle, supplemented with the calm joy in her almond shaped eyes, naturally ignite the dormant senses of an individual exhibiting a familiar, and unchanged boyish character, who is now more physically mature.

If we carefully tune into his head with a careful adjustment of a television's antennae, then we would be entertained to notice how the world around him has gradually slowed down in his mind. Every sound is mute except for the sound of his heart that is beating inside like a wild bird.

In his mind, at the moment his eyes gaze upon the girl, the blaring rap music above transforms into a forgotten recording of, "There She Goes," by the La's.

Suddenly, an abrupt echo of his father's voice disrupts the moment like an old record player scratching across the middle of the song.

"I did NOT send you to school to gawk at girls! You are here to study! No dating! NO looking!"

Placing his index finger at the center of his round large glasses, the young man slides his frame closer to his eyes as if to regain his focus. He brings to attention the girl's high class attire as compared to his own worn jeans and old t-shirt with the phrase "Baseball is Life." His conditioned logic reminds him of the advice he received from an older sibling while in high school.

"You will never be worthy of any girl.


If I can't be happy, then so can't YOU! Remember that."

The young man walks away, his presence still unnoticed by the girl; neither of them realizing how the chapters of their fate will soon overlap.

Approaching his new room, the last one at the end of the all-boys floor on the right just before the emergency exit, he notices, from the corner of his eye, his new neighbors across from his assigned room. They are huddled around a big television congratulating one another with high fives for completing another level of "Super Mario Kart."

Entering his room, he meets his new roommate, Daniel, a much older exchange student from Taiwan. He introduces himself as one who has earned his way to University through reading customers' palm in the streets of Taipei.

"By the way," Daniel says pointing to the empty bed on the right. "I'm giving you this side; hope you don't mind. Your side gives off negative vibes."

"No worries," Eu El replies, holding back feelings of cynicism.

Eu El tells himself, "This is going to be one entertaining school year."

He decorates the corner of his desk with Windcharger, the Transformers action figure he received on his eleventh birthday, and the only childhood toy he saved after his entire collection of Transformers and G.I. Joe figures were stolen by a close family friend soon after graduating high school.

Above his bed, on the empty space of the wall, he firmly tacks a comic book, "Web of Spider-Man" issue number 31. He repeatedly wipes and centers the comic in order to achieve a satisfying alignment that pleases both his senses, and to the laws of symmetry.

Meanwhile, outside, parked rental vans begin slowly dispersing as the settling atmosphere suggests the conclusion of a rather active day. Families and students exchange their final wishes for a successful semester before saying "good-byes."

In the rustle of events, a slight wind continues to scatter more dry leaves onto the ground.

Except for the black bird perched within a tree branch, no one notices the shadow that has strangely stood idly for some time inside of a room, deliberately vacant.

The mysterious shadow, who has surveyed this "Welcome Day" since the beginning, inanimately continues standing behind the window as if time has no relevancy to its questionable presence.

Coincidentally, just like Eu El's room, this shadow is also on the first floor of the all-boys hall.

Neither the shadow, nor Eu El, realizes that the chapters of their fate will also soon...


It has been a little over nine years since Eu El's first encounter with the entities which exist on the other side of the shadows.

In college now, he moves into his new and temporary home: the dormitories of San Francisco State University, where the chapters of his life will soon become darker than what he is prepared to accept.
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