Horror and Thriller Poetry posted November 11, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
Karate skills protected me from attack.

I Kung Fu Karate Kicked My Attacker

by Liberty Justice

Stunned, I felt someone grab me sharply from behind.
Behind dark trees, creature-like mad man sprang.
Sprang on top of me, I started fighting and screaming.
Screaming, I punched him with a loud fist-bang.

Bang, I kneed him in his throat, as I snapped kicking.
Kicking beast with a round-house kick, Busting.
Busting his face with a swift karate punch.
Punch to his eyes, my elbows were rapidly thrusting.

Thrusting both fists to attacker, his jaws, I double punched.
Punched rapist in the groin and stomach, as I boldly attacked.
Attacked, kung-fu kicked him solidly, then, at me, he lunged.
Lunged at me, as I jumped back, his head I judo smacked.

Smacked, wacked, and jacked, as rapist's butt lay shaking.
Shaking, pervert grabbed my leg, as he lay moaning.
Moaning, I maced him in his face, as he lay whimpering.
Whimpering, I stomp kicked him, again, as he lay groaning!

Loop Poetry Contest contest entry


TRUE STORY. AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. One day, I was walking home from the store, and it just turned dark. I was trying to rush home, because I am scared to be out at night, even at a store or gas station.

Suddenly, I was shocked and stunned as a tall, rough and shabby-looking man jumped from behind these bushes and grabbed me from behind.

With little time to react, my karate kung fu skills kicked into action, automatically. I think almost everyone should learn some type of self-defense methods, even children. Our hands, fists, knees, elbows, feet, heals, head, fingers, and even, shoes, car keys, purses, and umbrellas can be used as weapons, if we are attacked.

In addition, I think we should carry pepper spray or mace on our key chains, purses or wallets. I don't know if this is legal in all states, but I think it is. Some type of weapon should be within easy reach, even in our vehicles. You can check your state's laws on guns, etc.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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