General Poetry posted November 10, 2017

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six wandering stanzas

Veteran's Day Eve

by LIJ Red

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The muzzy clouds that roam the sky
the greedy crows that squawk and fly
bright wet leaves upon the deck
(poor doggy nearly broke his neck)
the shadeless woods are damp and chill
a skunk's been prowling on the hill
from all hardwoods the green has fled
by my mailbox a squirrel lies dead
as pirate winter sails into sight
life bravely clears her decks to fight
among sinkholes where waters flow
tiptoes a fawn and grazing doe
a mangled rotted stump shows where
the ants and grubworms fed a bear
from blacktop highway bass notes blast
as stylish SUVs scream past
in backyards scores of shrill chainsaws
blow smoke and quarrel without pause
me and ol' dog, being true to form
will sit right here where the sun is warm
and watch all the nervous critters swarm
and those too many seasons we recall
tell us the axe is about to fall...

As the first thick white frost covers grass
and the birds pack their bags and haul ass
Old Red and his dog
will saw up a log
and they'll whine for the winter to pass.

I saw the gal in town today and she
looked like a blowsy crack ho on the lam
she had no words she'd choose to waste on me
I hope she did not think I gave a damn.

She worked quite hard to lose that weight, no doubt
and I won't tell the caref'lly painted lass
she looks just like a gut with shit slung out
who really needs to hide that satchel ass.

But gals don't swoon when I limp by, my gout
has thrown a crimp into my manly strut
no groupies chase me down to sweetly shout
they love me for my shoulders and my butt

So we'll sit down and dine on gruelly fare
and preen and pose and talk of Medicare

Yeah, I had a little hair left and a motorcycle ca 1983 when I bought the Pentax K1000. ASA 400 film-count them spokes at eighty miles per hour...
oh, borrowed from a sonick, a limeret, and a catalog here.
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