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Creative writing for my NaNoWriMo challenge

our wedding

by flylikeaneagle

(((((( This was an assignment on internal, external and hidden characters and what they thought. I had to use only three dialogue tags and describe their thoughts. Sorry for confusion...enjoy))).

I watched the weather station as the dark blue clouds rolled into the sky-high mountains of Colorado. Praying for the sun to come out on our special day, I knew that Father would listen to my requests. Not that I was good, or special, but because He was good. Stepping outside of the Flying Horse Ranch, the wind blew around and touched my face. Soon, so soon, I would marry the lady of my dreams. ((JOSHUA))

The chefs I hired had a rhythm of their own inside the kitchen. They prepared the entries and desserts for our wedding night. We requested salmon, sweet and gold baby potatoes, green beans with a garlic butter sauce and a fresh greens salad. I knew my head chef, Jose, ran his crew to perfection. Plates were filled with salads and topped with slices of strawberries, blueberries, and buttery Parmesan croutons. Everything was coordinated so each dish was perfectly cooked.

Our wedding would be in the Denver Today Magazine and hit the news. "Country rancher, Joshua married top model, Linda at Flying Horse Ranch." News and headlines would reach coast to coast.

I remember when Joshua proposed to me at the El Dorado mountain camp. We had walked upward on red rocks and joined the climbers for dinner. We ate barbecue sandwiches, salads, and s'mores by the campfire. Joshua and I watched the sunset's bright golds, reds, and royal blues as they highlighted the mountain skyline. I was so excited that my voice disappeared when Joshua got on his knee and asked me to marry him. I felt my heartbeat and head nod yes. My tears streamed down my face until I could speak, "Yes!" ((LINDA))

Our wedding day I waited for arrived. I was thrilled to marry the man of my dreams. It felt so right to settle down and get off the fast pace of runways and photo shoots. I would keep in touch with my designer friends. Maybe, help young designers with their clothing lines. Joshua made me feel alive and loved me as me. I would love Joshua for all eternity.

The storm clouds rolled in over the mountains and looked like it could rain. Mysteriously, the winds blew the dark blueness away to another area in the sky. The sun broke out and lit up the day. I thanked my Savior for his light shining upon the land and on our special wedding day. Everything would be perfect now. My best man walked up to me and handed me our rings. I heard the harp music play the wedding song and waited. ((JOSHUA)))

I looked up into Linda's eyes as she took my hands. She was a city girl, a fashion model for True Colors designer lines. She loved the excitement of runways, photo shoots and traveling. How could Linda love a country boy, horse rancher and a simple guy like me? Focus, Joshua, take a deep breath. I had to tell myself. Linda smiled at me. I felt her love and I knew.

Our photographer captured the moments of our wedding as the pastor asked us, "Do you, Joshua, take Linda for your bride, for better or worse, for more than life itself, for all eternity, say I Do."

Linda's golden hair floated as the wind picked up. I saw her wedding dress sparkle in the sunlight as Heaven seemed to come down. The Holy Spirit whispered in my heart, "Love Linda like Christ loves His bride, Joshua. She is my chosen child for you, my son." I froze with excitement as time stood still and my heart beat faster. My hands became sweaty. I felt a cool misty breeze refresh me as I lifted my eyes to Heaven. I embraced God's freedom, mercy, and grace falling on this celebration. I knew King Jesus and His angels were dancing with delight and blessed us with His love upon our wedding day.

This is my first chapter of my NaNoWriMo for November 2017.
In my writing class of characters, the professor challenged us to
write about characters using the senses in the setting. Amy Bloom
told us to set each of our characters free, change the point of view
and only use three phrases of dialogue. I hope that you enjoy my
storyline. God bless.
flylikeaneagle - nancy 01 November 2017
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