General Poetry posted November 8, 2017

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The End of the Affair

by Mark Valentine

How did I ever get caught in this whirlwind?
Why did I think that I needed a girlfriend?
How did I, why did I, start this affair?
Disparage my marriage, get caught in your snare?

Choose to eschew the true love that I knew?
Roam from my home to a love nest with you?
Digging in deeper with each rendezvous.
Sinning in scarlet and leaving her blue.

Leaving her grieving with all my deceiving,
Thieving her heart with this web that I’m weaving.
Naively believing our clandestine ev’nings
Might bring a reprieve from my underachieving.

I know when I’m with you my Missus is missin’ me,
How can I treat what we had so dissmissively?
Taking a mistress and dissin’ our history,
Busily, dizzily, spinning a mystery,
Letting my lips lie while your lips are kissin’ me.
Knowing its wrong, I insist that you visit me.
Living immorally, loving illicitly.
Completely complicit in sinful duplicity,
Each tryst is more grist for our mill of iniquity.
In a pitiless city where nothing’s forbidden me,
I persist in perdition, while knowing implicitly
That I’m recklessly risking my long term felicity
For the thrill of the thrall of your hot electricity.

And yet I persist
Adding sins to my list,
For your kiss is a bliss that I just can’t resist.

Knowing it’s wrong, I’ll prolong it no longer.
The temptation’s strong, but I’ve got to be stronger.
We must end it discreetly, end it completely,
Although we retreat, I’ll remember you sweetly.

I’ve been lost in this lust for so long I can’t last.
I’m aghast at the mess of misdeeds I’ve amassed.
We must find an escape from this die that we’ve cast,
Hold fast and be firm ‘til this fervor is past.

We must shake it off, break it off, end this mistake.
Take off the masks we decided to make.
Clean up the messes we left in our wake.
But first, one more night, for remembrance’s sake.


If I can't get it published, I'm thinking of pitching it to the Illinois State Police as a field sobriety test.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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