General Poetry posted November 8, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
Seeing through the B....shit

Gun after Gun

by Wabigoon

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
Gun after Gun

It's all those damn wealthy tax accountant
with their pregnant wives
and you with a big white truck
those concert goers in ten gallon hats
and pretty beaded shirts
fake cowboys and women
can't you feel the shooting
marching up your ass
into your brain
with orders
to become the cold rage
that lets you buy
gun after gun
modify them
so they fire faster
than a shrew's heart
there's no soul to stop you
from buying gun after gun
to say no
to gun after gun
it is gone
slid out of your mouth like a seal
a goddamned flippered seal
you didn't see
because you were screaming too hard
as 58
0r was it 26
murders were written into your blood?

the clinical psychologists saw it
gun after gun
heard it
saw it swim up river
gun after gun
so you could just do it
pull the trigger
gun after gun
mow them all down like dead grass
but then
opened the beauty secrets box
of their profession
and saw
gun after gun
the creation of monsters
so they called it all
mental illness
and blamed you
gun after gun
bullet after bullet
death after death
and got off

There is so much more going on beneath these recent shootings and no one, no one is questioning what it might be. This is a question thrown into that monster making machinery which is so well oiled and greased and in performance and all of us just stand there dumb faced in utterly stupid awe and horror... that might slow it down.
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