General Fiction posted November 8, 2017

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The cat

by dmt1967

Did you hear that?" Josie, my wife whispered in my ear.

I turned my back on her.

"Terry," she raised her voice and shook my arm, "wake up, there's someone down stairs."

I shrugged her off. "It's probably the cat."

She poked me in the back. "We don't have a cat."

"Well, the dog, then."

She kicked me under the bed duvet. "We don't have one of them either."

I sighed and opened my eyes, sat up, and turned my head towards her. "Hand me that newspaper, then." I swung my legs over the side of the bed. "I guess I'll go and see who or what it is." I slipped on my slippers.

Josie rolled her eyes. "Unless it's a giant fly making all that racket, this would be better." She reached under the bed and pulled out a baseball bat.

I stared at her. "Why have you got that under the bed?"

She grinned. "In case of burglars. I don't want any strange man, apart from you, rummaging in my draws; thank you very much.

"Ha Ha, very funny."

Josie gave me a dig in the ribs. "Now go, and be careful. There might be a mass murderer down there."

"So, you'd send your husband, your lover, your bo downstairs to face some mad man while you stay up here; safe?"

She bent forward and kissed my cheek. "Yes."


"Well, my love. If I die ... Who will do your washing, cooking, cleaning -- "

I put my hands in the air. "Okay, okay, I'm going." I stood and exited the room.


I crept downstairs and along the hall.


The noise came from the parlour.

"Who's there?" I held the bat above my head and pushed open the living room door.

I blinked at the scene before my eyes. A big tortoiseshell cat lay on my windowsill, a mouse in his mouth. The flowers that usually sat on the oak coffee table near the bay windows were on the floor and the ornaments were scattered all over the floor.

I walked up to the cat. He saw me and arched his back. He dropped the mouse. I picked the mouse up, by its tail, and walked to the front door. The cat jumped down and followed me. I exited the house and threw the mouse into the dustbin. I walked back to the front door and stared at the intruder.

The cat stared back.

"Well, thank you for that, but I think you'd better go home now."

The cat didn't move.

"Go on. Shoo."

The cat turned, walked into the living room and jumped onto the red fabric sofa.

I sighed and sat beside it.

The cat stretched, yawned, and curled up into a ball.

I smiled, tickled him under the chin and rose.

"So, what was it?" Josie snuggled up to me as I slipped under the duvet.

"Our cat." I put my arm around her and closed my eyes.

She frowned. "But, we don't have a cat."

"We do now." I started to snore.

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