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A confession

Salsiccia Famiglia

by DonandVicki

Stephano Licavoli and Bruno Limbadi, two Mafia bosses, are sitting in the back at a table in Filippi's restaurant somewhere on the south side of Chicago. The restaurant is dimly lit. A red and white checkered oilcloth drapes the table, and a well-used candle in a chipped, green Chianti bottle wrapped in wicker sits unlit on one side of the table. Blue cigar smoke curls above Bruno's head as he silently watches Stephano's every move.

"Why did you ask me to meet you at this dump?" Bruno asked.

"Bruno, we have been both friends and enemies over all these years, even before we left the old country. I have asked you here to call a truce."

"Why now Steph, why now as you say after all these years?"

"I just found out that I have cancer and only a short time to live."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Bruno said without showing any emotion.

"Bruno, do you remember how we use to play as children back in the old country? The times that both of our families would get together on special occasions. My mother would always make her special dish...?" Stephano stopped to cover his mouth as he was shaken by a deep cough.

"How long have you known, how much longer do you have?" Bruno asked, his eyes showing more compassion.

"It could be as little as one month or maybe as much as six." Stephano swallowed as he wiped his mouth with a yellowed handkerchief and then carefully put the rag back in his coat pocket.

"What was the name of that dish your mother always made?" Bruno asked, attempting to change the subject.

"She called it "Salsiccia Famiglia" it's a sausage that you only can find in the old country."

"It sure tasted a lot better than that damned turkey we have every year, right Steph?"

Both Bruno and Stephano's big bellies shook with laughter and the restaurant filled with their mirth. They were interrupted as the waiter brought out two huge platters of pasta and sausage to the table. The waiter quickly left as Stephano abruptly brushed him away.

"As a token of peace, I had some of that sausage shipped in from Palermo just for this occasion," Stephano beamed.

A soft heartwarming smile crossed Bruno's face as he looked from Stephano to the steaming sausage and alfredo pasta.

Bruno sat quietly as Stephano dished out generous portions to each plate. They both ate their meal, cutting each sausage into small bites as if it was the last they would ever eat. Gustatory sounds emanated from each.

Stephano wiped his mouth with his napkin, "Bruno, I have a favor to ask you before I die."

"For you Amico, anything, just ask."

"I know that it was you that killed my son almost ten years ago. I would like to know what you have done with his body, my wife and I need closure. I need to know this before I die...per favore, Bruno."

Bruno put his fork down and slowly moved his right hand toward his jacket.

"I didn't kill him Steph, I had him killed. Nick was getting out of control with his drinking and his mouth. You know that, or have you forgotten?"

"NO..., I haven't forgotten and I don't give a damn if you killed him or who you ordered to kill him. I came close to killing him myself, I just need to know where you put his body. This I need to know...please."

Bruno was silent for a few moments watching Stephano's eyes and body movements for any tells.

"His body lies under several tons of concrete, under the foundation of that new resort, out near the north end of Lake View Drive."

Stephano's body starts to tremble as he starts to cry and cough at the same time... He puts his dirty handkerchief over his mouth and spits.

"Not that sprawling piece of shit that Trump built?"

"Nick's under the parking garage," Bruno said.

Stephano and Bruno sat quietly looking at each other, then both Stephano and Bruno started quaking with subdued laughter. Stephano wiped his lips and looked into Bruno's eyes.

"At least Nick will never need to look for a good parking place."

The laughter quickly went out of Bruno's face as Stephano reached across the table to hold Bruno's right hand.

"I want a truce, Bruno, I want my last few months to be like old times, you and I as brothers, Famiglia."

Bruno's eyes filled with tears as he squeezed Stephano's hand.

"How is your son doing Bruno?" Stephano asked.

"He moved to Palermo, been there for close to ten years now. He started his business and doing well. He must be doing well, I haven't heard from him lately."

"He left about the same time Nick disappeared, didn't he?" Stephano continued, "He was a cement contractor back then right?"

Bruno's face went deadpan as he released Stephano's hand.

"Peace...peace, Fratello," Stephano whispered, "I will get a room at the resort so my wife and I can have some closure."

"I have connections there, I will get you a suite. Allow me to do this small favor."

"Grazie, Bruno," Stephano said, "how long has it been since you have heard from your son?"

Bruno sat there thinking for a moment as an evil smile started to widen Stephano's face.

"How is the sausage Bruno? "Salsiccia Famiglia" fresh from Palermo."

Confession Flash Fiction Contest writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
It's time for your characters to unload their burdens. Write a story, no more than a thousand words, in which your main character confesses to a crime. It doesn't matter to whom they confess and you choose what happens afterwards.


You may notice a similarity between the scenes where Stephano offers Bruno the sausage dish and The scene In "Titus Andronicus" by Shakespear, where Titus offers Tamora a meat pie that he made from her two son's flesh. This was, of course, in retaliation for her son's raping and dismembering his daughter, dear, sweet, Lavinia....Author.
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