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An unexpected meeting and a dinner date

A chapter in the book Fictional Short Stories

The first date

by Sandra du Plessis

Susie looked at the mirror again. Her hair was perfect and she smiled at her reflection. It was a long time since her divorce, she felt nervous about the dinner date. Her boys, Bryan and Christopher were at boarding school, and Mandy her two-year-old girl was with her friend Marian, and her husband Thomas for the evening.

John Blake, her date should come any minute. They met at the beach that morning while she went on her usual walk. She was deep in her own thoughts when she became aware of someone walking in pace with her. She gave him one glance, and his smile made her heart skip a beat or two.

"Good morning, I saw you around before, my name is John... Mmm John Blake." He said, his blue eyes fixed on her brown eyes.

"Good morning, John Blake, I am Susie Theron, I walk every Saturday for exercise and use the time to think."

"Will you mind, if I walk along with you? I won't talk too much. I also have a bit of thinking to do..."

"No problem, sometimes it is just a silent presence of someone to get the thinking process starting," she said without stopped walking, and John continued keeping pace with her.

They walked in silence until they reached the fence of the golf course where they have to turn around.

Susie suggested that they took a rest before walking the one and a half kilometer back.

When John finally caught his breath, he asked. "Susie, would you like to go with me for dinner tonight? Then we can get to know each other better."

Susie looked at him with squinted eyes, what she saw impressed her. His perfect smile was the one thing that attracted Susie the most.  He was not much taller than herself,  strongly built, but not overweight and about forty years. He seemed friendly and his eyes were still smiling long after his mouth stopped.  She made him wait for a while before she answered his request.

"I would like to go to dinner with you, John Blake."

"Thank you, for agreeing to go with me. Did you ever ate at the Beachfront Grill?"

"No, it is too expensive and I don't like to dine alone in such a high-class restaurant."

"I will pick you up at seven, at your place, then?"

"That is fine with me, I will give you my address details when we get back at my car."

"Let us start walking back then." John was very impressed with Susie, and he could not wait to know her better.

When they came back at Susie's car, she gave him her phone number and address.

"Okay, I know this suburb, I will be there, at seven tonight."

"Thank you, John, for the kind invitation, I will be ready at seven."

Susie went straight to Marian's house to pick up Mandy. When she arrived, Marian immediately saw her excitement and pressured Susie to tell her what happened.

"Marian, you will not believe it. I met this guy, John Blake, on the beach today and he asked me out for dinner at the Beachfront Grill."

"That's wonderful, Susie, why don't you leave Mandy here, and come fetch her tomorrow. I will make lunch, then you can bring John along so that we can meet him as well."

"Thank you, Marian, I was hoping that you will take care, of Mandy."

"You know, I am always willing to look after Mandy, for you. She is still sleeping, so go and get yourself ready for the big event."

Two minutes before seven o'clock, the doorbell rang and Susie opened the door while smiling, John stood in front of her neatly dressed in navy pants, a light blue shirt and tie, and a navy sports jacket.

John, smiled delighted, her little black dress fitted her like a glove, and the single string of pearls looked perfect around her neck, and he felt his future will become much better.

"Are you ready?" he asked when he entered.

"Yes, I am... just need to fetch my shawl."

They arrived at the Beachfront Grill within ten minutes because it was very close to Susie's house.

John announced their arrival at the reception desk, and the host lead them to their table in the corner overlooking the whole restaurant. Here they could enjoy some privacy. After they were seated, John ordered a bottle of wine.  They looked at the menu, the waiter left with them to decide what they would like to eat.

Susie was not familiar with the dishes on the menu, and the prices made her head spin. They were indeed as expensive as she imagined.

John noticed her confusion and simply said "I will recommend the Chop Suey, it is a dish of fried rice topped with garlic chicken and pea pods. It will go well, with the wine."

"That sounds good to me."

The waiter arrived with cutlery, consisting of chopsticks, and serviettes, with a table mat placed in front of each.

Susie looked at the chopsticks, she never used chopsticks before and she started feeling anxious. What will John think when he realized she had no knowledge how to use chopsticks?

John noticed her anxiety, and he quickly said. "Don't worry, I will give you a quick lesson when the food comes. I will also ask the waiter to bring forks, in case you cannot manage to eat with the chopsticks."

Susie started feeling more relaxed; however, she still felt embarrassed.

When the food arrived, John asked the waiter to brought them some forks, which the waiter did, with a knowing smile.

John took up his chopsticks, and Susie followed his lead. He placed both sticks in one hand and showed her how to pinch the two sticks at the end, picked up the food and placed it in his mouth.

Susie tried to handle the chopsticks, after a lot of laughter and giggling,  she got it right eating with the chopsticks after her third attempt and the forks were not used at all.

John was keen to meet  Susie's friends Marian, and Thomas the next day for lunch, and arranged with Susie to pick her up at eleven o'clock the following morning. He took her for a drive along the coast before they went for lunch ...

Dining Out contest entry

An unexpected meeting with a stranger that ends up with a dinner date at a High-class restaurant.

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