Western Fiction posted October 31, 2017

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What Did You Just Say?

Horses Talk?

by country ranch writer

The stable boy was being watched by his imaginary friend again. I heard you bragging his bosses' horse could talk! He swore as he F--king said,"I swear, it was -was the real deal! Man,this is too important to lie about." He shuffled from one foot to another to get the desired effect.

Man! I wasn't lying when I told you he made a believer out of me! Let me fill you in on what took place!

This whole thing started over a month ago.

Amegio, my bosses' horse was acting weird. Thought he might have gotten into loco weed. Thought the horse might have an imaginary friend hiding somewhere throwing his voice. "The thought did cross my mind," he says. We all know horses can't talk right? Growing up he had his own imaginary friends, so strange things didn't surprise him.

"That is until he started talking! That's right he talked to the horse in the corral next to me!" He said, "he was sick and tired of the stable boy eating his apples every chance he got!"

"Naw." He laughed, as he said," you must have heard some thing different,"

They all went back to work in fear of losing their own jobs. The holidays were coming up and they were looking forward to getting their big bonus this year. There was no way they were going to let this guys ramblings cheat them out of their bonus. Shaking their heads they all saddled up and rode away to round up the horses. They all were thinking this man is nuts talking amongst themselves.looked like it might just up and snow this year. They kids all wanted to celebrate a white Christmas. This was the first year they were looking forward to the holidays in such a long time. So no sir, nothing was going to keep them from the bonous!

A few months passed and things weren't sitting so good with the men and the stable boy. The stable boy and the hands got caught fist fighting and now had to explain to the boss why.

My horse prancer filled me in on what Jake knew and what Amegio had confirmed...

Jasper said,"that the stable hand had a lot of explaining to do. "

My horse prancer said, "watch this, boss." Listen real good. "This green horn stable bum knows nothing about horses or that they can communicate!"

Jake spoke up and said gruffly, "Hey you big tub of lard! "why you eating my horses apples?"

The stable hand turned to back sass. Amegio said, "let's hear you lie your ass out of this one."

Jake said ,"why did you think you had to lie to me about it in the first place?"

"I didn't think anyone would mind if I ate the dam apples!" the hand muttered.
They were tasty the short time they lasted though, he sounded sort of sad. He wouldn't be getting any more of them.

"You owe an apology to the horses. Not just mine, but all the horses!"Jake reminded him.

Everyday you have been on this ranch you have neglected each and every horse in one way or another. Each horse gets food, water and an apple treat with their breakfast to start their day off right.

"Screw you,boss man! I ain't talking to any dumb animal!" He muttered to everyone!
"Horses just don't talk!"

"Draw you're time and get the hell off my property?" Jake told everyone with in ear shot." My horse don't lie and neither does Jaspers!"

Down through the years we never said much to anyone on the ranch about the past incident. It was like an unspoken bond between cowboy and horse. You never seen one without the other.
He was sitting with his buddy Jake when they began talking about how they used to feel bout their own horses. They were young when they first realized their own horses had feelings too. They also knew a horse will meet you half way if you meet him halfway.
Someone asked Jasper one day, if his horse talked to him and he said,"yep,if you listen real close you might hear your horse answer truly.

"Open your heart and mind and just listen to what's being said."Jake responded.

Last we heard about the stable handhehadgoneback east and ran amuck with the law and ended up dangling from a rope. Someone said, "he was drunk one night crying in his sleep for forgiveness. He muttered horses did talk after all."

"Well, I will be!"

People hear these words said as they go on about their daily lives unaware that was once important.
They have had seminars about animals talking to each other for years and I suppose they want folks to believe they just discovered it recently. Well, we hate to burst their bubble and tell them something we already know -as a fact and was true. So we will make this our little secret after all. Mum is the word.

A horse acts upon responses he receives from his owner and both act as one accordingly . It is almost like being telepathic they say one knows what is expected of them before it happens. Military use animals for tracking and hunting and in the oceans also animals are used to protect our waters.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, floods are called for wisdom from around the world. We count on each and everyone one of our resources to keep the world turning.

Just thinking some poor cowboy didn't want to believe and ended up believing in himself and that horses have feelings too. They darn sure can talk if you belive hard enough that you know your horses very well. Miracles can come true if some one believes hard enough. I believe do you?

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Anne at FanArtReview.com

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