Spiritual Poetry posted October 31, 2017

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prose poetry ode


by estory

Look for the roads that run off of the borders of maps
Up into the distant, beckoning mountains,
And look for the places off of the sides of the roads
Leading you on to places you imagined in your dreams,
Far away places, deep forests, lakes
Where the mountains you sought are reflected in the sky
And the sky spreads out beyond your outstretched arms,
And you know that you cannot turn back again,
But trudge on through the thickets and the underbrush
Where streams strewn with stones meander and meander,

And you wander, wandering onward,
Ever onward, northwards and westwards,
Past the fences and the crossroads and the signposts
At the ends of endless skies and endless prairies
Where the restless wind through the restless grasses
Gives shape to the clouds trailing off to the horizon

And this longing for another place, another time,
Places we haven't seen beyond the horizons,
Those open spaces, those tops of hills
From where you can see the strings of roads unravelling
Across the quilted fields and the wrinkled valleys,
Remembering the ghosts of travelers
Still travelling, still lost along their journeys
In the shadows of the autumn twilight;

On the road beneath the moon,
All the footsteps that passed are lost
In the tangled grass,
On the wild wind,
With the restless birds
Suddenly springing to flight
From their perches in the uppermost branches

And out here, alone, without shadow or destination to guide us,
We turn our backs gladly on the familiar
Well worn paths of our walking,
Until all we have left is the mysterious earth,
And the even more mysterious sky.

This is another ode, celebrating the dream of travel, of turning your back on the familiar, and wandering into adventure, finding new places, new people, to explore.
It's written in a prose style with an ear to echoes of sounds throughout the natural voice in the language. estory
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