Children Poetry posted October 31, 2017

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Children's poem about a man who could ride anything

Serge McBride

by androlian

Serge McBride was born to ride
Not a steed he couldn't tame
Bucking bronco or raging bull
To Serge 'twas all the same

Nation to nation he sought the sensation
Of being thrown from saddle or seat
Many made claims Serge'd go down in flames
But every beast went to glorious defeat

Far and wide brave Serge did ride
Seeking that which he couldn't handle
He flew on an eagle and ran with a beagle
Never once even scuffing a sandal

African game they saddled the same
Be it rhinoceros, cape buffalo or leopard
Lions' manes they doubled as reins
Whilst herding antelope like a shepherd

Of the Land Down Under Serge didst wonder
So he decided to go Walk About
Kangaroo's pouch a nicely padded couch
For Outback hopping to gather clout

A zebra's stripe took nary a swipe
Afore the saddle was there in place
Ostrich's feathers as welcome as leathers
As he spurred across wide open space

Being quite bold Serge went to the cold
And visited freezing arctic blow
Walrus' long tusks, Serge rode like a bus
Sleepy polar bear a sled for the snow

Not being a hater, Serge roped him a gator
To survey Everglades marsh and swamps
Seeking large snakes he splashed thru lakes
As bird sized mosquitoes joined his romps

In tornado did bend a knee to the wind
And flew over Kansas fields for a day
Thick hided rhino, sidesaddle with a wino
Serge mastered all that came his way

Astride moose or jaguar Serge never lagged far
Seeking always what he could not tame
What beast can I not ride? Where does it hide?
Someone please just tell me its name

Across the globe Serge sought new foes
Unseating all and sundry that came
At last to a lass Serge confessed alas
I have nothing left but my fame

Raising a hand he asked a barman
What to do with nothing left undone
A sailor who heard told a story absurd
Of a man who rode killer whales for fun

You've mastered land and animals from sand
But what of the creatures of the ocean?
Come hither with me and we'll go to the sea
To ride huge tentacled beasts if you've a notion

I have just the thing a whale that sings
But never with a rider shall merge
Mount his spout you'll scream and shout
And no longer be despondent sir Serge

Serge didst bow and made solemn vow
To ride all creatures in that vast watery place
Atlantis I'll find it's creatures to bind
Porpoises and octopi in an oceanic race

On deck of ship Serge did not slip
Feet steady as ever on land
Till he saw spout and let out a shout
Ahoy whale prepare to be manned!

A lasso he loosed in the form of a noose
Around the giant snout rope did fall
From wooden plank feet were yanked
Gracefully he skied behind a narwhal

Great white shark swam near in the dark
Serge warily calculated its speed
Then dove right in and grappled a fin
His adrenaline rush to feed

Our Serge was keen when t'was last seen
Sitting atop an orcas watery spout
Rope in his teeth as Moby jumped reef
Rider screaming This is what it's all about!

So if ever at sea you happen to be
And espy a cowboy on a squid or a whale
No you're not crazy your eyes are not hazy
Tis but Serge McBride delivering Atlantean mail

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Artwork by Lilibug6 at

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