Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted October 30, 2017

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Potlatch 28 October 2017 - Anagram


by Sandra du Plessis

We all enjoy a feast this great
the children trick or treat with 
it's fun and cheer we will 
the ghosts and witches freely 
one night a year we are 
each soul will take a chance to 
and sing along in scary
by midnight all the fun's 
remember, make a formal
of yearly Halloween 
we love to hear the happy 


Topic: Write an anagram poem using one of the following words as your title: gravestones, ghostliness, broomsticks, apparitions, nightmarish, sarcophagus, frightening.

**It is not required, but I put the last words once again to spell Gravestones
great, rave, atone, vent, even, save, tones, over, note, event, songs
rave - enthusiasm
atone - agreement
vent - free play

Anagram Poem


The Anagram Poems are adopted from the word game puzzles found in several syndicated newspapers. Here?s how you do it:

1. Choose a single-word title (longer words work better; aim for eleven letters).

2. Find as many words as you can within that title that contain four letters or more (one-, two-, and three-letter words are not allowed?they?re too easy).

3. Write a poem with the same number of lines as there are letters in the title. Each line must end with one of the words contained within the title word, and the poem should address the idea in the title. No two lines may end with the same word. You may not add -s or -ing or -ed?or any other suffix or prefix.

Example #1


we�???�??�?�¢??re a team,
you and me, we drink coffee
at our computers, sift
emails where our elbows meet
the same space in soft
light, mice
in monitor glow, safe
together and separate, mates
in a spatial sense, no ties?
but notice my feet
crossing inches, the smile on my face

Example #2
by Terrance Hayes

n u c l e a r

How to make a nation say, uncle.
In other words: how to rule.
We learn
there will be no clue
before it happens. No clear
sign from the Cosmos. A clan-
destine airplane appears wrapped in the lace
of a black dream. A flash like an ulcer
bursting in God's gut. Citizens race
about the city as the sky becomes a caul-
dron. The bones burned clean.

Example #3
by Terrance Hayes

g e n e r a l

The eager
heart of someone the War doesn't near.
A leer
straight out of the John Wayne Genre.
An eagle
blazing on his brim & breastplate, his useless battle gear.
Without him how would his men learn
the eighty-four methods used to change anger
into the angle
of light on a blade? The Angel
of Light on a blade? Into a gnarl & glare?

Club entry for the "Poetry Potlatch 10-18-2017" event in "POTLATCH POETRY".  Locate a writing club.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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