General Poetry posted October 29, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
the powerlessness of writers

The Exile of Writers

by Wabigoon

The Exile of Writers

"And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the Garden."

"Woodstock," Joni Mitchell

banished from our rooms
our houses
our childhoods
the yell, "Belmont!"
Hit the street, poet!"
echoing in our ears
we flee the Garden
so you can move in with your scythes, your knives
your Red Dragons, your whores
your Babylons
your angels pouring poison into rivers
your seals that only you can unseal
your only son

we beg, we whine
we hit the streets
the skids
the nut farms
the psych wards
the opioid addiction clinics
the prison solitaries
the pits
carrying our rejection slips

the words
we thought would bring sixes
the next round
maybe a chance at prizes
even publishing...
but you already have that book written, don't you
so all we dare do is find our place in your plot
the 7,000 years of it

I return to Eden
and find myself
standing outside my childhood house
my...childhood house
my childhood house which has become your temple
Spielberg, Levin
occupied by you Bush, Obama
your regency governments
your Brotherhood of Sleep
guarding the year 1968
already filled with assassinations
race riots
candidates who have made deals
with the devil
for success
already written into history
already published in reality
closing out millions of much better writers

looking for jobs

Poem of the Month contest entry

I cannot be more serous than I am in this poem. I believe all writers, all writing has offered its power to the One Writer, The One Book. You know what this Book is. This makes all of us...castrati at the least, fiddling with impotent symbols that mean nothing. If the world is going to be written into the future then it will take all of us being daring enough to seize the power of the Word and use it for the future. Period.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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