Fantasy Fiction posted October 29, 2017

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Where am I and how did I get here scenario

The Journey Home

by IndigoLady

Geez, I keep running it through my head again and again, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how I got here.  Honestly, I don’t even know where here is.  I am standing on something, but there is no floor.  I am in absolute darkness, but I can see.  I feel more alone than I ever have so I call out and no one answers.  I reach out, and there are no walls, but I am trapped.  How can this all be?  None of this makes any sense.
The last tangible memory I have is getting on the subway, on my way to the theater.  I remember the smells, some good like perfumes and scented soap, and some not so good, like stale cigarette smoke and the great unwashed.  I remember the subway car being as packed with people as a can of sardines.  Whenever I am in this type of a crowd, I often wonder if I would fall down if I fainted.  I checked to see that the flap to open my purse was turned to my body and the entire purse held close under my arm, to prevent pick pockets.  I learned that one the hard way on a bus after the theater one night.
What if the subway car was filled with sleeping gas, and we were all kidnapped?  That would explain why I don’t remember how I got here, except that theory doesn’t wash.   I am all alone and if my theory were correct, the other passengers would be here.  Besides, I have nothing of value that a kidnapper could hope to garner for his efforts.
What if I have been dumped here and deserted, and there is no way back for me?  I try not to panic thinking none of this makes sense.  I tell myself to “wake-up” just in case I fell asleep on the subway and am dreaming.   Yeah, right, I fell asleep standing up on a noisy crowded subway.  I have a hard time falling asleep when I am in a darkened quiet room lying on a comfortable bed. 
I keep trying to clear the cobwebs, trying to remember and I start to hear the screech of metal on metal.  I’m not worried about that, subways always sound like that, but….this is loud, much louder than normal.  As some more of the fog lifts, I start remembering the screams and wondered if someone on the train was hurt.  The rest of the fog begins to lift and I remember feeling a shattering impact and seeing packages and people flying through the air.
Where was the pain?  I know now that we were in a horrendous accident as our train collided with another, and I expected to feel pain any second now; but instead I felt myself being lifted out of the subway car and floating.  There is a hint of angelic wings flapping as I was conveyed to this place.  I remember reading once that sometimes the angels will take you from your body just before you die, so you won’t have to experience horrible pain.  It is at that moment that I ‘got it’.  I died in the accident and the angels brought me here.
Where is here and how long have I been here.  I wrack my brain and then it dawns on me, I am in purgatory, and I will stay here for 3 days.  I remember that the prayers of friends and family during my wake will help be get out of purgatory more easily according to my Christian upbringing.
I then remember my Spiritualist beliefs, especially the belief that we create our afterlife experience and we only go to purgatory because we believe in purgatory, which I realized I didn’t.  Suddenly, with that realization, I see a magnificent white light in front of me, and as I am being drawn to it, I feel at peace, and I see my Grandparents and other friends and family that got here first, beckoning me to them.
I am home………..


What If? contest entry

Written for the 'What If' contest.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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