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The last will and testament of Robert Wilson.

The Inheritance

by Thomas Bowling

Frank came home from work Tuesday to find Judy sitting on the couch, crying.

“You need to stop watching those soap operas if they make you cry,” Frank said.

Judy looked up. “My daddy's dead. He died last night in his sleep. No one was with him.”

“I'm so sorry. We knew it was coming, but I know it still hurts. Go ahead and cry.” Frank sat beside her and held her while she sobbed.

Robert Wilson's wife died twenty-two years previously. He never remarried. No one could take her place. He moved into a single-wide trailer with Susie, his cat.

He served in World War II, and landed in France shortly after D Day. From France, he went to Italy, and then Germany. That's where he was when the war ended.

Robert came home to a ticker-tape parade. Back then, returning soldiers were heroes. When Robert died, he left behind a son and two daughters. The children had been feuding for years over some long-forgotten slight that occurred in their youth. Judy had not spoken to her brother or sister for sixteen years. That's how long it had been since they visited their father.

“Do you think Butch and Sandy will come to the funeral?” Frank asked.

Judy wiped the tears from her eyes. “Of course, they will. He was their father. I don't know why they chose to stay away. They live in the same town, but they didn't want to be part of the family.”

Frank and Judy were the only ones who showed up for the funeral. Robert Wilson was laid to rest with two family members in attendance. Everyone showed up for the reading of the will. Judy spoke to her brother and sister. "I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the funeral. It was a touching service."

"I play golf every Saturday," Butch said. "It would have been nice if dad had picked a different day." Sandy made a face. "I didn't have anything to wear." Judy realized how cold her sister could be. "Daddy wouldn't have cared. You should have been there. He was our father."

The family took their seats in the attorney's office. “Thank you for coming today. As you know, Robert was not a wealthy man. However, he did somehow manage to scrape together $582,408 dollars.“ A gasp went through the small group. Butch was already picturing that new boat.

Sandy's mouth dropped open. “Son-of-a-bitch. The old geezer hid it from us all these years. How much does that come to each?”

The attorney addressed the small gathering. “Well, that's the catch. There's one stipulation in the will. That's why it was important for those who attended the funeral to sign the Guest Book. You see, the will states that only those who attended the funeral share in the estate.”

Butch stood up. “He can't do this. He can't cut us out just like that.”

“I'm afraid he can and he has. It seems your father was a wise man. Thank you all for coming.”

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