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A youg fairy is assigned to help Toby learn to fly

A chapter in the book Toby Learns to Fly

The Fairy Counsel

by IndigoLady

This is the story of a young caribou, Toby, son of Thor Blitzen who should be able to fly but can't. He is supposed to start his training soon to replace his father one day to pull Santa's sled.
Mary Margaret was so afraid that she shook as she sat in the waiting room of the Fairy Counsel Chamber. She thought with all her might, and for the life of her, could not figure out what she did wrong and why she was called to come before the Fairy Queen Maris and the High Counsel of Fairies; after all she was just a small Fairy and not hardly worth noticing.

She was also a little light headed and dizzy. While she is in the Earth Realm, she forgets how different it is here in the Fairy Realm. The Earth Realm is beautiful, of course; and has many colors and sounds; but nothing like the range and intensity of the Fairy Realm. Earth also has unpleasant sights and sounds; but nothing in the Fairy Realm could ever be unpleasant, it is a true paradise.

In the Earth Realm, physical bodies are heavy and sluggish and make you feel like you're carrying around a great weight. This is because the physical world is very dense and does not vibrate at a very high rate of frequency. Getting used to the Earth Realm is not at all easy. Then, when she finally starts to feel comfortable there, she comes back to the Fairy Realm where the vibration is so high that the physical properties are not very dense, and her body becomes rather more translucent.

When she tries to explain it to creatures of the Earth she tells them to visualize a dish with marbles in it that are packed so tightly together that you can't see the dish underneath. Then she tells them to visualize the dish being shaken a little and watch the marbles begin to separate, the harder you shake the dish, the farther apart the marbles are and you can see the bottom of the dish between them. The Fairy Realm is not the highest vibration of the almost invisible world of energy, the world of God and Angels; but it is about halfway up the scale.

On the Earth Plane the fairies are pretty much invisible to the creatures of Earth, especially to the uprights that walk on 2 legs. They have their fairy rings and nightly moon dancing in private. Every once in awhile, a fairy will allow themselves to be seen by an upright if they are feeling particularly mischievous or if they feel the upright is worthy. They do this by slowing down their own rate of vibration. This does not happen often because fairies are a little shy around the uprights, not to mention that the first thing the upright wants to do is pick them up. Maybe if someone reached down and picked them up, they would understand how uncomfortable it is. And then there are those who would cage them and keep them on display as unthinkable!

Now as she is adjusting to the Fairy Realm, she is aware of the constant tinkling sound of this world. It is very hard to explain to outsiders; but it is something like crystal bells ringing in a distance with their dulcet chimes of pure peace and joy. This is the sound of Home that embraces her with an energy akin to a hug. And the colors, they are spectacular; and so many more shades and hues than the Earth Plane, and each one more beautiful than the next. These colors are alive and the waves of color energy can be seen by fairy eyes in this world of constant motion.

Feeling dizzy and a little sick to her stomach is part of the adjustment to the higher frequency of her body, not to mention the assault of sound and color vibrating to a beautiful dance of energy.

It is also hard to explain to the creatures of Earth about the Fairy Queen, and the High Council. The High Council is made up of 6 Male Fairies and the Fairy Queen for a total of 7. There are no campaigns or elections, you see, fairies do not like having big responsibilities, power and fame do not interest them; they would rather dance around a fire in the moonlight. The moon speaks to them and energizes them because they are attuned to her. She is their mother in a manner of speaking, and they honor her with their lighthearted laughter and joy, for after all they are creatures of Joy, Laughter and Pleasure.

Each male fairy must take a turn serving on the High Council. Every Male will serve a term of office, the length of which is hard to describe because Fairy time is not the same as Earth time, but it would be about the equivalent of 1 Earth year. No one really keeps track of time, they don't have to. Fairies' natural color, in the Fairy Realm, is a luminescent pearly white with rosy overtones, but on the day of the change, 6 males will turn blue, and that is how they know it is their turn to serve while the 6 sitting members will turn back to their own color. When Fairies are sent to the Earth Realm, they are given the racial features and skin color that will make their charges the most comfortable.

The Queen's selection is a little different. A female fairy who has acted with great love and compassion and lives her life with unconditional love for all, over a long period of time is chosen; and then her heart will outgrow her body and will place itself on the outside of her body for all to see. This only happens to one female on the day of the change. In order to accommodate her very large heart, her body will double in size.

Earth dwellers would ask who is choosing those that will serve, they could never understand that the choice is made unanimously by the inhabitants of the fairy realm, and they aren't even aware that they are doing it; you see, it is the love and respect that the chosen engenders from her peers that makes them worthy. The Fairy with the most love and respect on the day of the change is chosen.

Now as she sat there waiting to be called into the High Council Chamber, she realized that her mind was wandering and she made herself come back to the present and wonder again why she was called before the council. Mary Margaret was happy being a Guardian Angel for the woodland creatures; and as she thought about her last charge, Robbie the tiny bunny rabbit she was assigned to, she shed a tear of remorse. She was told that her job was only to guide and inspire, and not to interfere with the destiny of any of her charges; but maybe she was supposed to protect him. Maybe she was supposed to keep him from going out into the clearing where the fox found him. But then again, her charge could just as well have been a fox instead of a rabbit and she would be unhappy if the fox had nothing to eat. Sometimes when she thought about these big issues, it made her head hurt. Mary Margaret learned long ago to trust in God's wisdom, after all, she was too small to understand.

And then for no reason at all she started remembering the war in Heaven all those years ago. Even then, she was confused by it all and didn't understand what was going on. How was she to know that she should have sided against Lucifer. She just assumed God would win and figured if she stood very small on the sidelines, no one would notice her or expect anything of her. Well, when it was all over; the Angels who sided with God got to live for Eternity with God in Heaven and those like her; the ones who were confused, were made into Small Angels called Fairies, to guide and inspire the woodland creatures and all of Nature's bounty. Although Mary Margaret didn't get to dwell in Heaven anymore, she always figured this was more of a reward than a punishment, because she loved her job so very much. Maybe it was neither, maybe it was just what she and those like her were best suited for, after all God loves unconditionally, and therefore does not punish. More importantly, she learned one of her most important lessons and that was that you have stand up for what is right. She understood intuitively that this didn't mean she had to fight; but that she had to make her voice heard, to stand up and be counted.

Now as she sat there waiting to be called in, she wondered if she was going to lose her job, and the thought of this made her sad beyond belief. It made her heart ache and her eyes water.

It wasn't long before the door to the Counsel Room opened and a small fairy like herself told her that Maris, the Fairy Queen, and the rest of the Counsel was ready to see her. She got up and walked slowly into the room dreading it more and more with each step. As she crossed the threshold of the door, she couldn't keep her eyes off the floor; but was instantly aware of the great warmth and light in this Chamber.

Then, when she got halfway across the room, she couldn't help herself, she just had to see the Fairy Queen. She looked up and saw the most beautiful Fairy she had ever seen with the kindest eyes imaginable. She looked huge to Mary Margaret and as she gazed at the Queen's Heart, right there on the front of her body for all to see, she was in awe; she never saw anything so beautiful. At that moment she wished she had that much love in her and also understood that this was the reason, the Queen wore it on the inspire others. She was surprised to find that the blue skin of the Council Members was not eerie as she thought it would be; but rather calming and inspiring confidence, and knew in her heart that this was the whole point in their skin turning blue.

She managed to tear her eyes away from the Council so that she could take in her surroundings. The Council sat behind a very high desk forcing her to crane her neck to look way up. The desk shimmered silver and gold flecks that were just a hair shy of being blinding. This was the only opulence in the room. The rest was bare save for the magnificent color of the auras of each member of the Council. Fairies see auras the same way Earthings see faces, it is how they identify each other since their physical appearance changes for each task they are given. Auras don't just identify the fairy, but also; who the fairy is deep down. This is why the Fairy Realm is a place of truth and beauty, because no lies are possible here.

Fairies also feel and recognize each other's energy. Mary Margaret does not really understand how this works but she just knows who someone is by the way their energy feels. Sometimes she ponders this and tries to figure it out, but then decides it is beyond her capacity to understand, after all; she is so very small.

In amazement Mary Margaret realized there were no lights in the room and yet the room was as bright as the morning sun on Earth. She looked around searching for the light source and finally realized, it was the High Council and the Fairy Queen's auras that were so bright, lighting up this huge chamber.

Queen Maris looked at her and said, "welcome Mary Margaret, have you guessed why we called you here today". With trembling lips Mary Margaret mumbled "no, but if I did something wrong, I am so very sorry, I always try to do right, but I am so small and not very bright, please forgive me".

Queen Maris was shocked at Mary Margaret's words. "Dear girl, of course you are not in trouble and I am so sorry that you were so worried. We should have told you why we wanted to see you when we sent for you, but; you see, we wanted to surprise you."

"Surprise me?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Yes, of course dear. We asked you here today to offer you a new job, a promotion."

"But, Your Highness, I am so small, what could I have done to deserve a promotion. I am not very bright and I am afraid I might fail if I try anything new. Are you sure you want me? Maybe it was a different Mary Margaret that you wanted."

Queen Maris looked down on Mary Margaret with great fondness and love and said "Mary Margaret, you are the very best and most correct fairy for this task. You have always done your job exactly as you should. You never try to be a know it all and do your own thing. You have a great wisdom, yet you are so very humble and never let your ego interfere with your mission. That is why we decided to make you a "Special Assignment Fairy"

"A Special Assignment Fairy? What is a Special Assignment Fairy your highness?

"Mary Margaret, Special Assignment Fairies are given very special charges with a destiny that will affect many for the greater good. Sometimes, they get lost and stray from their path and it will be your job to guide them back so that they can fulfill their destiny."

"As I said, your highness, I am not very bright. I am afraid I won't be very good at this and it would hurt so much if I failed you and the Counsel."

With a sigh of exasperation, the Fairy Queen looked sternly at Mary Margaret and said, "Nonsense! Do you think we would have picked you if you weren't up to it? You have great instincts child and wisdom enough to do the job." Your charge will be a young Reindeer by the name of Toby. Toby is the son of Thor Blitzen, of the Blitzen family that has helped pull Santa's sleigh every Christmas for many generations. Well, Toby is coming of age and he hasn't yet learned to fly. If he has not learned to fly before Thor goes back to Santa's base camp, the magical ability to fly will pass on to his best friend and cousin, Jackie. We cannot let this happen. It is imperative that Toby learn to fly."

Mary Margaret thought about this and smiled because she assumed that she now understood what her job was and it sounded easy to her. She looked up at the Counsel with her face bright and happy and said, "Of course, you want me to teach Toby to fly. That makes sense since that is one of the things that I do very well."

This brought indulgent smiles to the members of the Counsel, and especially to Queen Maris who replied, "No Mary Margaret, you can't teach him to fly. You fly with wings and reindeer fly with magic. Your job will be to help him figure out who he is and what his values are in life. He needs to identify what's important on his own. This is a lesson that can't be taught. Once he understands himself and his destiny, the rest will follow naturally. Your mission isn't about Toby learning to fly, it is about Toby getting back on his destined path. You see, there have been many things that have deflected Toby from his true purpose. Under no circumstances are you to tell him anything, just guide him to his own discovery of himself"

Mary Margaret thought about this and was perplexed. How do you teach without telling your charge anything? This didn't seem to make sense, but; then a thought entered her mind and it was like somebody turned on the lights in her head. She said, "Of course, I can ask him questions which he has to find the answers to, yes, I think that will work"

Queen Maris was greatly pleased because Mary Margaret figured it out for herself and now she was sure she made the right choice, and addressing Mary Margaret said, "Bless you child, you are absolutely correct" I knew you could do it, I am so proud of you. You can leave now and stop at the desk on your way out for directions and transport to your charge. May God Bless you."

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