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A picture this Challenge 24/10/2017

Blood Red Sky

by Chrissy710

There was movement on All Hallows Eve
With stirrings all around,
The moon was full against the blood red sky.
Dark shadows came and quickly went
Just who was lurking by?
I felt a shiver up and down my spine.

I wondered if I'd make it home
Before the dead returned
Or would the Zombies stop me in my tracks.
I wish I had a mask to wear
To fool them as I pass
Won't cross the path of any cat that's black.

I don't know why I went so far
From home this very night
I should be there all tucked up safe inside.
Instead I face the ghosts and ghouls
The witches who'll be out
And Goblins seeking candy from the kids.

What was that noise? my ears pricked up
I heard a cackle low
She's over there, don't let her get away".

And then I saw the ugly crowd
All marching down the street
Could see their lifeless eyes and rotting skin.

Quick run you fool, you know the way
Don't let them catch you up
Cause once you're caught there will be no escape.
The moon was up to light my way
I turned and ran like mad
My heart was fairly racing in my chest.

I saw the witches zooming by
On broomsticks made of wood
They zig zagged in and out around the trees.
Black cats were running wildly round
Ghosts floating passed me by
Quick hurry up, you're really nearly home.

Just up the path I saw the door
But fumbled with the lock
And just before it turned, I felt a hand.
Hot sweat broke out upon my brow
My knees went very weak
I heard a voice that chilled me to the bone.

"Ha ha you fool, I've got you now
Tonight you join our world
A Zombie now forever more you'll be".

I heard and saw his lifeless face
And then let out a scream

I didn't want to go away with him.

Just then woke up and realized
I was already home
This nightmare had been just an awful dream.
T'was then I heard a rapping sound
And giggling at my door,
I opened up and this is what I saw.

Some Zombies, Ghosts, Black cats and Ghouls
Three witches who looked mean
All painted faces grinning up at me.
I rushed inside to find my jar
With lollies and some treats
And gave some to each child now standing there.

But when they left I shut the door
Made sure I turned the key
T'was just in case, I really was not scared.
So if you see a blood red sky
And witches riding by
It's sure to be the night of halloween.

Christine 24/10/2017



A fun poem to write I hope you enjoy my take on this image and please read all the other contributors to this challenge club. Thanks to Jax Franklin for organizing this club

I appreciate your time to read my work

Happy Halloween


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