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Having A Good Time

Hanging Out

by country ranch writer

There are three Presidents that were avid hunters in their time and I thought it would be great to listen in on there conversations.Their special hunting lodge would be a great place for this meet and greet. The Presidents were before my time so you will have to bear with me while I try to find them in the after life.

It was easier than I thought. They are gathering together this afternoon, so I will be able to listen to them talk about their best recollections, memories,and opinions. I hope I have covered what's required in the requirements for this sequence. Mr.Belmont Mr.Roenfelt and Mr.Clever will be gathering tonight.

The luncheon would be set for just before dark in the main dining room of the hunting lodge. A fancy spread of quail, deer steaks, and turkey, served with vegetables and potatoes, and stuffing. Bread pudding and iced tea would be served also. Who knew ghosts still ate food.

Good evening Mr. Presiden't Belmont and Mr. President Roenfelt, welcome to our lodge. We have been expecting you. Is Mr. Clever going to be joining you? They said, in unison, "he will be late as usual." This way to the bar gentlemen, dinner will be ready shortly. Help yourself to refreshments and cigars if you wish.

They chatted about things of the past catching up on their small talk. Then they started swapping tales. Mr. Belmont was first. He asked Mr.Roenfelt if anyone had ever told him about the time he ceased the war, it was all over a love of hunting.
Mr Roenfelt said, "No,"he replied,"I can't say I have."

Mr.Belmont went on to tell him," It was over a hunting dog that walked right into his battlefield, right in the line of fire no les. " It was the most beautiful hunting dog you ever laid eyes on. I just couldn't let him get killed.I called a cease fire!
"The dog belonged to the opposing commander, so he called a cease fire!" The owner was no other than British General Howe. Being the gentleman he was and lover of hunting dogs he had the dog bathed and combed and returned to his owner unharmed. He was said to be relieved his dog was returned unharmed. Roenfelt remarked he was afraid his life wasn't exciting as his.

Mr. Roenfelt told Mr.Belmont after fixing their drinks that he was sickly growing up and suffered from asthma. In order to breath they moved to a healthier climate and he spent his free time out doors learning to hunt and fish.

" Oh! I hadn't realized," Mr.Belmont said.

Yes, Mr.Roenfelt went onto say," it wasn't long after I became President that I became paralyzed by
palsy and I was deterrent to overcome this affliction also." I started hunting more and more it became an obsession for me. It was an outlet to get out into the wilderness where I could feel whole again.
The love of the outdoors led him to become determined to save the wilderness.
Everyone became curious about why he was called Teddy, so he asked him about it. Well growing up they always called me Teddy and until I was hunting one day. I came upon a small bear cub and refused to shoot it they started calling the little bear, little teddy. Then the market was filled with stuffed bears called "Teddy Bears ."It became a great house hold word and a delight for the children!
The bear after that became a household word. It sold like wild fire, and today they are a child's favorite toy.
Mr.Belmont and Mr.Roenfelt kept their conversations going for hours on end. I was getting tired of listening, for they were talking about other things that was way beyond my years. During most of all the conversations though you could say they were both in agreement. The out doors provided both of them the most satisfying of all pursuits in their life.
Sitting around the fire place later in the evening I was about to doze off when they looked up to see President Clever head their way. They both greeted Mr, Clever and bade him to join them, getting him a drink. Mr.Clever didn't hesitate to reach for a drink. He remarked it was getting colder outside. Putting another long on the fire.
After he got comfortable they asked him what his thoughts on hunting were. He surprised them both by saying a hunter is born not made. He is neither cruel, never greedy or wasteful of game. They both agreed with him. He went on to say," I am convinced there can be no better protection than those who are enthuasticl in their persuit of game". There regulations are put in place and all are in agreement they have to be followed. If not things could get out of control and the animal population would be scarce.
Roenfelt said,"There is no other nation in the world where that happens." We must protect what we have.

Belmont speaks up and says,"It's very much a part of our heritage." We must leave a legacy for our children and their children's, children.

While many other Presidents may have tried to win favor with the public these guys were the real deal.
The matradee comes in and finally tells them supper is served. They all head for the dining room saying they could eat bear. They we excited many of their favorite foods were ready to be served. All varieties you could think of. It was a treat for

I texed my fanstorians and they were hesitant to believe me. I told them,"I am nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs." They laughedall of them..

They said, they would need proof. Well how do you take pictures of a ghosts?
Then I looked at my watch it wasn't yet midnight, so I asked them to meet me at the lodge. Several were close by an actually said they would meet me there. I had this idea they could hear what I was hearing and be able to see that I did Not lie.

Meeting me, Tom said,"Let's go inside " he urged. "I'm hungrier than a coyote out in the panhandle." Reaching the door he was surprised he couldn't get the door open. A man came to the door and advised him he could not enter.

I beg your pardon!Tom said,"And just why can't we enter your lodge?" There is a private party going on for the Presidential ghosts sir. They have until midnight. If you come back then I will give you supper on the house along with your guests and a night free if you want to stay over.

I told Tom,"I thought you said you were in a hurry and didn't want to stick around?"

Excuse me, sir, "I don't mean to be rude but my guests are waiting."

"Gawd almighty!" Dean said,"Tom this is getting weird."

Well, Boonn ghost said,"Tom we are just going to have to be here awhile longer."

Tom seemed to think it over,"I have changed my mind, we'll stay and see this through."

" We will stay over if you all agree," Tom replied. Everyone said they agreed.

I spoke up and said,"You all come with me and be real quiet."

I slipped inside the side door everyone followed close behind. I stopped behind the heavy drapes just inside the dining room. They all heard the Presidents voices talking back and forth. They were talking about the battles they had fought and laughing and having a good time.

They suddenly got quiet as the ,matradee came in and said,"it's almost midnight."

"Yes, it's time you all cleared out of here." He said. It will be midnight and people are waiting to check in.

Leaving our hiding place we all went back outside to wait in the night air. Soon the doors opened and we were allowed in. Food was waiting for us in the dining room and room keys were handed out with apologies. On the table were pictures of the Presidents dressed in their finery and signed with today's date and time they left. It was a memento just for them because if they showed it to anyone no one would believe them. They would think them all daft and ready for the asylum.

It was all agreed amongst us we would keep this as an adventure and a night to remember always between our fellow fanstorians.

The Presidents had a night out on the town away from the battlefields and got to get together with avid hunters to swap stories. Could it get any better than that, even for a ghost.

We spent the night there at the lodge and started back the next morning sight seeing on the way back. There was so much to see and do during the daylight hours we all hated to return. But return we did back to our own boring lives. I figure at least something good did come out of the trip we all learned to trust each other with our secret.
Some people just don't get it, some things are best not explained like ghosts, and Presidents we can't see because they have long gone from this world into the next.
It wasn't long after our visit we were asked questions about our trip and everyone wanted to inquire if we seen any ghosts on out trip. We all took the fifth and just said we seen so much of the place while we were there we didn't give much thought about it really. We showed pictures of where we had our meeting and lunch while there. Every seemed to accept our explanations but down deep we would never forget the best time of our life. We had so much to tell but yet couldn't because we promised our friends the Presidents we wouldn't.

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