General Poetry posted October 14, 2017

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Not to be confused with Judo

He doesn't scare me.

by Bar62

The Donald was a big fellah
And a bully to boot
He had narcissistic tendencies
Any redeeming qualities were just moot
Izzy ben Trouble is a Crip
Meaning he was confined to his chair
He put himself through intensive training
Learning the secrets of Jew-Do, doing it with a flair
The Donald was a mean & angry man
He enjoyed picking on those who are weak
Donald looked at himself in the mirror, smiled
Continued taking advantage & ruining the lives of the meek
 Izzy ben Trouble has acquired a black belt
In the ancient Art of Jew-Do
He had heard of The Donald
Izzy was prepared to tell Donald where to go.
One bright, sunny day
The Donald stole money from a Lemonade stand
The young girl was crushed, and she cried
Izzy said “enough is enough”, the time is at hand

Izzy called The Donald out,
Donald laughed when he saw who was challenging him.
He towered over Izzy. Izzy sat stoically in his chair
Donald said he would tear Izzy limb from limb
Ben Trouble made a disparaging remark about the Donald
Which bothered him so,
When Donald charged toward Izzy
Izzy just moved with the flow

That was part of his teachings
with past masters of Jew-Do
He was taught how to move with the attack
 With one hand, Izzy easily flipped Donald onto his back

Donald saw red, rage filled  his soul
he tried to grab Izzy,
if he did he would squash him like a tic
But Izzy was so fast and in his wheelchair he was too quick

The Donald grew weary of chasing Izzy in circles
His whole world was spinning, and finally, he crashed to the ground
That was enough for the likes of The Donald
he crawled away, and quietly left town.

The town's people no longer lived in fear
Ben Trouble taught  everyone the power of voting for the candidate of their choice
All people lived happily and secure
For each individual had their own voice. 




David and Goliath theme poem contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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