Romance Poetry posted October 12, 2017

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Those Rainbows In Your Eyes

by krys123


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Catherine, my lovely wife, you have put meaning in all my life,
like colored rainbows in the skies, forever gleaming in your eyes.
Your hair shines like waves on the sea, as it flows forgivingly.
But it's your heart that shines the most, from shiny seas to every coast.

 I'll always be in love with you because you made my love come true.
   I've never loved this way before and wait upon what’s left in store.
You have found my lonely heart and gave my whole world a loving start.
Just as a Meadowlark sings their song your true love makes me belong.
I rose from your sweet love’s kiss, and on lonely days, I'll reminisce.
When my whole world was feeling down, you posed for me as a clown.
You'll always be my sunny day with all the fanfare and array.
You lift me high up in the air, above the clouds without despair.
If your sad heart’s filled with sighs, I'll replace those rainbows in your eyes,
For on these words I will confess and never leave you in distress,
but most of all when days turn blue, I'll change that color just for you.
 I'll paint gold, red, and green, the most heavenly portrait ever seen.
Your love has turned my life around, put melody to words with sound.
Just like the sun over the earth, you've given my life full of worth.
Like beauty of an evening sunset, I'm so glad that we have met 
My world's changed, I can't deny,  it's 'cause of our love we've learned to fly.

Image result for picture of seeing a rainbow in your lover's eyes


Love Poem Poetry Contest contest entry


This public domain picture of an eye is courtesy of which is from an advertisement for colorful lenses thus the rainbow effect in the eye.

Falling in love for the first time for me was in truth more like rising in love.
But what I found out through time, in our thirty-seven years of marriage, was the fact that I grew, with her sincere unconditional help, emotionally and also she strengthened my integrity all by helping me realize how much I'm truly in love with her. After a while some find that they need a jumpstart in a marriage to realize when the love is gone when actually the love never left as it just hasn't been frequently demonstrated enough to become a habit, a very wonderful habit.

Thank you for reading and may peace and harmony be with you.

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