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Duck World 1

by Bill Schott

Two ducks waddle up to a pond.

Duck 1: Quick, quick, quick.

Duck 2: I'm sorry, but you're speaking too fast.

Duck 1: Quack, quack, quack.

Duck 2: So, you are Canadian?

Duck 1: Quock, quock, quock.

Duck 2: French Canadian?

Duck 1: Qoui, qoui.

Duck 2: There was a British duck here yesterday from across the pond.

Duck 1: Ka-whack, ka-whack.  

The duck makes an O with his left wing-tip feathers and places it over his eye, like a monocle.

Duck 2: No kidding. Rawther, pip pip, and all that rot.

The duck then mimics the monocle stance while looking down his beak at the other duck.

And they fly on the opposite side as we do.

Duck 1: Quool? Quool?

Duck 2: Yeah, the waters a bit chilly. My DA was numb for awhile.

Duck 1: Quack, quack, queek.

Duck 2: That's pretty good. That last word sounded a little off.

Duck 1: Quackity, quackity, quackity, quack.

Duck 2: By Jove! I think she's got it!

Duck 1: Quack?

Duck 2: It's just an expression, dude.

Duck 1: Quacker?

Duck 2: Yeah, there's a new place to eat near where that obvious human blind is set up.

Duck 1: Quatt?

Duck 2: There are people behind some fake stuff near the water. All ducks there seem unconcerned though. They haven't made a peep all day. They just float around like dummies.

Duck 1: Quack-a-doodle-quack.

Duck 2: Sure let's go. I got shotgun.

The two birds fly off to eat.  


Thanks to Lilibug6 for use of the image.
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