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A draft

Drawing room

by antonieta

Classroom assignment Writing 3 in the class Novel Endings
Composed, I went down the stairs. A sound of shrilling voices came from the room next to the hall. At least, I was on the right path.

When I entered the room, nobody noticed my presence so engaged they were talking with each other. I had expected more guests. At school, Miss Brunwick had mentioned the house parties in the countryside, full of guests, in which the hostess played an important role. She even told us how the late King was an assiduous guest of those parties. Of course, she might refer to wealthy hosts, which was not the case of George, not in that old and decrepit castle.

Cathy sat beside George, and George's cousin bent his face close to Cathy's sister to whisper something. It rejoiced me to see Cathy's sister -- I had forgotten her name -- and Henry among the guests. It annoyed me to cope with George and Cathy in a tete-a-tete and jealousy filled my body and made me tremble. Another girl about my age that I could not place, a very pretty one, with a porcelain complexion sat beside another young man with whom I was not acquainted. A pearl made bandeau in a Grecian style enhanced her brown hair and her green shade gown embroided with pearls. She was in the middle of a discussion with another young man with whom I was not acquainted. Friends of George's?

The talks ended as soon as the guests noticed me. At once, George left Cathy and came to greet me.

"Jenny, I thought you were lost amid the labyrinth of this castle." His broad smile could not hide his pleasure to see me, or I was imagining it.

"Almost," I said. "But I remembered from the last time as I have a good memory, thanks God." I said.

"Come I want to introduce you to two friends of mine."

He took my hand toward the beautiful girl.

"Gwendoline, may I introduce you my dearest friend Jenny Sheffield?"

Was I only her dearest friend?

"Hello," she said. Her smile looked more like a grimace. A polite grimace.

"How do you do." I greeted not quite sure how to address her. He turned to the young man.

"And Geoffrey Hartling, Gwendoline's husband."

Oh well, I guess I would address her as Mrs. Hartling then.

" Miss Sheffield, at last I meet you, the beautiful American."

I flushed, not very sure the probably new wed Geoffrey should call me beautiful in her wife's presence.

"Oh, you are American?" She asked.

"Yes I am American" I replied.

By then, Cathy and her sister had approached.

"Nice gown, Jenny!"

"Thank you." I noticed that her own gown was familiar. Maybe she had worn it at school. Her Pompadour headdress style made her look much older, and enhanced her pointed nose.

"Oh Jenny, you look wonderful." Said her sister. Now I could remember her name.

"Thank you Violet. I am happy to see you again."

I had hardly finished my sentence when I heard Georgiana's steps.

(continuation: Georgiana, the other guests and Adele. Maybe some description of the room. Then, the dinner)

(I have also to review it and correct the Grammar mistakes. )

Hi Stacia,

This is just a draft, written in a hurry,

See you later,

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