General Fiction posted September 25, 2017

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Rebuilding A Sound Future

The Aftermath Of The Storm

by country ranch writer

When I woke up the morning after the storm I looked out my office window to see a family of squirrels rebuilding their nest by the shed. They have decided to chew a safe haven in the eaves the shed. It is dry and unused at the present time so the are in luck. Keeping their young is the top on their list of chores to do to keep them dry.
I set and watched for hours how diligently they worked at their jobs.
Will they have the heart and soul to carry on once again? I added to the baby squirrel, a new adoptee I added to their nest. The baby squirrel was an orphan after the storm and needed a momma. She took the baby in as one of her own.
With time on my hands I got to thinking about others. And I began to let my mind wander.
How do you rebuild a town out of the rubble from the storm? A storm that has destroyed their once beautiful island resort. All hands on deck are needed to rebuild this Island. A don't let us forget the people here who made your vacations a memory. From the Keys to Puerto Rico, help is needed to rebuild others yeveryone's dream vacation spot. Please don't let them down. Let's all pitch in and rebuild these places once again ( even with out people knowing where all donated money came from. If singers and song writers are willing to donate, bet other folks would donate their time and skills also (like they do for habitat for humanity) would you folks be willing to lend a hand? Anything you could do would be appreciated

Flash Fiction - A Secret contest entry


If people would just work together to rebuild what has been lost to making it bigger and better.It has to be strong enough to withstand hurricane strength winds. In the end it all pays off for everyone. The strong become stronger and the island becomes more beautiful in less time. If you are going to rebuild something do it right the first time.I wish was rich instead of being poor on the out side looking in. I would give my money to all who need it and see no one ever went without for one minute.
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