General Fiction posted September 19, 2017

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A man tells the story of his path to a higher consciousness

In control

by oliver818

"I never believed in fate until that day. I would say that fateful day, but saying fate and fateful in the same sentence would be stupid." My words faded away as the handful of peanuts entered into my mouth.

"You're a strange man, John. Why don't you say things normally? No one believes in fate, anyway, it's just new age mumbo-jumbo." The bartender looked up with his tired eyes as Jakob's empty beer glass slammed down onto the bar.

"Another one, Jakob?"

"Do you really need to ask?" Jakob asked, flicking a peanut towards the man's face.

"You're so cynical. Fate exists, my friend. And you need to accept it if you're going to move to the next level." I like being mysterious when I drink.

"The next level? What are you talking about?" Another peanut bounced off the back of the bartender's head.

"I'm coming, be patient." White foam ran down the side of the glass.

"The next level, man. You know, consciousness. Seeing through the rubbish of everyday life into a new vision of reality."

"I do that everyday, it's called being drunk." Foam stained his lips as he chugged down half the fresh pint that had just landed in front of him.

Lager left wide stains as it dribbled off the bar and onto my trousers as my own glass slammed down, large amounts of foam splashing out. That brought make memories of the cold sea, the cold water, tugging at my clothes like hands.

"Seriously, I reached a new level when I was drowning."

"The brain-damaged level, you mean?"

"No. I meditated man, I swear, like an old monk who has never come down out of the mountains. That how I got through it. My breath slowed, my mind cleared, and a special word appeared in my mind. It filled me up like warm milk. Another beer, please." Salty circles were building up where my fingers moved over the bar.

"And you think that was fate?"

"Sure. I mean, how many people can say they were taught to meditate on a boat in the middle of the sea just before the boat sank? And not only that, they survived? It's no coincidence, I can assure you of that." I tunneled deep into my pocket looking for coins to pay for my pint.

"You know what, you're so convincing that you should start a religion."


My eyes wandered over the group of people in front of me. Their eyes were set on me, admiring, adoring.

"And that's exactly what I did, disciples. Jakob here inspired me to follow my calling. That's why I do, and always will, believe in meditation and fate."

Tears flowed from their tired eyes.

"Thank you for your wise words, Master. We live but to serve you."

Smiling, I headed back to my study for my afternoon drink, my right-hand man, Jakob, following closely behind.

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