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A stand alone story of Flower Power.

A chapter in the book The Adventures of Flower Power

The meeting

by Rasmine

Flower Power and his new friend Daffy held tightly to the post.  Where is my power? I need my power back!

“Flower,” Daffy screamed, “is your power in your cape and bandana?”

“I don’t know,” Flower yelled back above the soaring of the wind.  He felt like crying.  But thinking back, he was holding on to this sign post before his garments blew off.  “No!  I don’t know what is happening!”

Jay, his blue jay friend, had been told by Roxy the racoon, his neighbor, that a terrible hurricane was headed their way.  They weren’t sure exactly when it would hit.  Flower had helped board up windows with sticks and branches.  He helped pile sandbags around Goldie's, his teacher’s pond, so if it flooded it would be contained.  He even helped Rose’s human mother to tape up her windows.  But now what was happening?  Did the hurricane blow my powers away? 

He looked up into the sky at some movement.  He was expecting a large funnel cloud to form.  It looked more like a human hand and it was heading their way! 

Suddenly, he was picked up off the sign and pulled upward.  The hand that grasped his was very gentle.  Daffy was next to him.   They both screamed!
MK Flood pulled his hand back into his world.  His eyes twinkled happily, as he put them on a chair. 

“What?  Where are we?”

“Hello, Flower Power and Daffy.  I’m Mark Flood, your co-creator.”  He turned and indicated a woman with long hair.  “This is Nome Rasmine Morgan.  She writes the stories that you star in.”

“Hello, Flower and Daffy.”

Flower Power looked around nervously.  Then he sat there with a worried look on his face. 

“Flower, we didn’t know what to do when you lost your power.  This was Nome’s idea.”  Mark winked at his creation.

“I thought that if we brought you out of your world and into ours, it may help all of us to start the magic again.”  Nome shook her head.  “No, it’s not in your cape or bandana.”

“I didn’t think so,” said Flower.

“But it is your trademark – maybe something about it…”  Mark picked up some cardstock and a sharpie pen.  He quickly drew Flower complete with cape and bandana. 

Nome leaned forward and watched a cape and bandana appear on Flower. 

Daffy gasped and backed away.

“No, no, Daffy, don’t be afraid.”  She looked at Mark now drawing the hurricane scene.  She frowned.  “Why are you drawing the scene again?”

“Because,” Mark answered not looking up, “they will be able to re-enter their world through this illustration.”  He winked at Nome.  “Get ready to type.”  He put the illustration in between them. 

“Okay, you two, fly into the picture.”  Nome took the laptop and then positioned her fingers ready to type.

Flower turned to Daffy.  “Okay, get onto my back.”  Daffy climbed on his back, horsey style.  Flower nodded to both of his creators and then started to fly towards the illustration.  He started to feel afraid that this wasn’t going to work. 

“It will work, Flower.” Mark said quietly and winked.  “It’s time for Nome to do her magic.”

She smiled at both flowers as they disappeared into the drawing.  Her fingers started to fly, as Mark picked up a Bic pen.



This is for Mark, now probably cleaning up Mother Nature's mess. I thought I would illustrate his drawing. :P I thought it would be cool to have Flower meet his two creators.
As I write this CNN is on, the word's 'Florida's Power', flashed onto the screen. I just thought how close that is to Flower Power.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by MKFlood at

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