Humor Poetry posted September 12, 2017

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Love hurts - a lot!

by Mark Valentine

Did she really just do that?
Did I misconstrue that?
I mean, looking back now, I guess that I knew that
our love had lost passion.
Now she wants to cash in
our chips and throw all that we had in the trash. In
her petulant fit
she’s ready to quit.
After all that we’ve been through, can’t we recommit?
“Calm down, count to ten”,
 I said, and that’s when
she pointed her pistol and shot me again.
Though she seemed upset,
perhaps this coquette
was just being coy as she played hard-to-get.
“The games now begin”,
I said with a grin,
and that’s when I felt the third bullet go in.
“Hey Babe, what’s the deal?”
Those bullets are real!
I’m starting to think you don’t feel like I feel.”
With gun still in hand
She said “Stupid man!
What part of 'Drop Dead!' can’t your brain understand?
We have no relationship, you’re just a stalker!
You peep through my window each night and you gawk, or
you call on the phone and just breathe, but don’t talk.”
She fired a fourth time, a fifth, then a sixth one.
This was one angry, belligerent, vixen!
Treating me worse than the press treated Nixon.
Bleeding profusely and shot full of holes,
I now reassess my relationship goals,
and come to accept that we’re not kindred souls.
I guess there’s no chance of us making amends.
I guess this is where our relationship ends.
But maybe, just maybe, we still can be friends...
To be continued…?


Love Hurts writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
When romance goes wrong, when it gets you down or when you realise it is hard or impossible. Any kind of poem which shows the downside of love. It is not all smiles and sunshine! Any rhyme, any length.
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