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A taste of bitter snow

by RGstar

A Taste of Bitter Snow

We sip cold cups of convenience while sunshine beguiles of rain
Our lives midst sweet scents of petrichor, yet, little blossom to gain
Smiles die in the mire of mirrors where lost are reasons to show
Yet, with time we find them more worthy, than the taste of bitter snow

Our rainbow valleys lack flowers, like ants, the haves haggle for more
Exploiting avenues of power, sole rights for names of the poor
Invites to the ball...more credit for all, though masks hide of their eyes
We stumble in their dance, in trance--sipping truths in cocktails of lies

Life now bears; the old girl with barrow--pearls hang, tangled, in her hair
Pearls she once wore to the opera; how could rags become one so fair...
The old man, drunk, in the gutter, once soldier--the finest they say
Now we scorn his bitter surrender... gave, but continues to pay

Still we dress for the circus in town, knowing we star as the clowns
The gentry, they laugh: "fools, that cast, empty pockets and hand-me-downs"
A lady frowns, brays..."this way, stay clear! Homeless, this mess costs us dear"
From the stalls; applaud, "we'll make more laws...little bread, buttered with fear"

As the sun goes down, a young girl on the ground... hushed, huddled and bound
The cold no more hurts...a degree in her shirt; her sleep forever sound
Tonight, pavements wear red for guns'n flowers that bled... silenced to task
"Sorry" was said, "take a loan, vote me instead...." How long can they bask?

Poem of the Month contest entry


Thank you to our own Cat (I Am Cat) for the image, crayoned, used for this write. Hope to see her back soon.
Mire=a complicated or unpleasant situation from which it is difficult to extricate oneself...bogged down

Petrichor= sweet pleasant smell from dry earth after rain , especially after a long period without.

Gentry=of good social position, specifically the class of people next below the nobility in position and birth.

Bray= to sound loudly and harshly

I remember growing up listening to a song and wondering about the title, for I couldn't make sense of what the title meant, try as I may. So I did what children do, made its understanding my own. It took me a long time to get my head around it, and as I became wiser, older, I understood situations in which the statement could be assigned.
This is my grown up reasoning of a context, one of many, that gave frame of mind for these thoughts, and that once impossible title. It was said, back then:
"IF you accomplish A, then B would follow; spoken in a positive sense. Today, as I have seen all my life, there has been plenty of A's but the B's have been lacking, even for those that give and have given much. So, I question "IF"

Just for the record, that song was called "I don't Belive In If Anymore" by Roger Whitaker. No real bearing on the poem above, just an idea around it that summons thoughts.

RICH vs Poor
I would like to add. This write is not about rich vs poor, for it is not a crime being rich, and some have worked hard getting there, it is more about power and its misuse by those who have been given the oportunity and trust, but forget why given. A question also of nobility where one may think one better than the tinker, taylor, sailor or soldier, as well those who use the power of commerce to reduce the little man to nothing, through enterprize and its machinery....entice then feed upon. Should the 'haves' then turn their backs on the have-nots because they think money sets them apart, should look again, for the have-nots are derived from all corners of society; the young who have yet to begin, stopped before their start...up to those who gave life for country and our freedom, but find themselves on the bottom shelf, forgotten.

Best wishes.

Image = Cat
Music = The White Princess...adapted for this
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