Spiritual Poetry posted September 7, 2017

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A story written in the sky

Easter Colors

by Kristine Orkin

Upon a hill there stands a tree.
A solitary silhouette,
tall and strong,
against a sky awash with dawn’s soft heavenly brush strokes—
rose and lavender, coral and peach.
Gentle breezes sweep the earth
and a new morning awakens.
How peaceful this day contrasts
with the Friday skies dressed up in mustard yellow,
a noontime scarlet haze inflaming passions.
The rhythm of hammer striking metal—



That jarring cadence!
Riding the current
and shrouding the hill in reverberating echo,
pounding the eardrums of man and beast alike.


           And again.

All the while storm clouds gathered.
Armies of them,
converting the firmament from ashen gray to sickly olive green.
All of nature waiting.
Sky and earth fixed on the tree on the hill.
Screams pierced the heavens.
Screams of torture.
Screams of jeering laughter.
Screams of a mother’s heart exploding in pain.
A hushed request from tree to man for water.
A hushed request from tree to God for forgiveness.
The skyscape then a spinning colorwheel of turmoil, grief—
churning fury and compassion, hatred and love.
Purple and indigo and ebony.
A battle played out in the sky,
sacred warfare acted out on the tree on the hill.
A final breath.
It was finished.
Thunder boomed and earth quaked,
the anguish of God bellowing forth,
while temple veil, weighted with sin, separating the Holy of Holies,
stirred in anticipation.
And finally it tore—
top to bottom—never to hang again.
The sacrifice accepted.
The promise fulfilled.
The curtain between man and God destroyed.

Today a ray of morning brightness,
piercing through retreating darkness and ever growing,
backlights the shadowed tree
and illuminates crimson stains—
streaks of life
that flowed out of One and into me.
Upon a hill there stands a tree.
An altar of mercy.
A cross of salvation.


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