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The Maid Of Orleans

Joan Of Arc

by country ranch writer

She was my friend and she became my best friend. I met her when our parents moved in next door to her father. We took to each other right off even though she was older than me. I always asked her how she could be so fearless. She said she feared no man or beast. She was kind to all she came across.
She was a go getter and she did her chores dutifully growing up and never ever complained of how much she had to do to keep up the place where her family lived. She would work from morning until night to care for them and had a smile for everyone.

Willing to help to care for the sick and lame, she even cared for me as I was sickly growing up. She spent a lot of time with me nursing me back to health. I will always be grateful to her for taking me under her wing and teaching me how to be brave and do battle right along side her.

All the time we'd been together I'd never known her to swear, she loved animals and attended church, I even loaned her money to show her love for her God. I truly believe she was sent from God. She was a very modest woman who lived a Christian life. When folks couldn't do their chores for what ever reason she was right there working along side of them to help them get it done. She nursed people back to health if they were sick. She never turned her nose up at sickness or death no matter how bad things were in the community. She stood up for her people and prayed over the dead telling the people that they were on their way to the Glory and to be with God. Their deaths would not be in vain she said. She was a great hero and dressed like a warrior going into battle carrying her flag yelling out to attack.

I tried to warn her of what lay ahead but she would not hear of it. She said," She was put here on earth for a purpose and she knew God would not let her die in her quest." She told my mother in whose house she now was lodging she must put her faith in God. God would aid her and turn and drive the enemy away.

This was the last time I was to ever see her alive as I said goodbye to her as she rode away to join her troops. She was sent by God to take up the cause to save the people of France from the English. When she was injured she never let it get her down. She said, her men were hurt more than she.
She demanded they be tended to first. She fought along side of her men and never faltered and led her men to victory over the English in Orleans, the French were victorious!

I was horrified when they said she had been captured a year later, arrested, had been charged with so many crimes. I cried all through her trial I could not believe how they could do this to such a courageous woman. She was found guilty by the English and French collaborators. She was found guilty and hung and burned at the stake just before turning 19. I will always remember the good times we had growing up and enjoying our youthful years. They can not ever take that away from me, she didn't deserve the horrible death she endured.

She still remains a popular figure after all these years, in literature, paintings, sculptures and other cultural worlds since the time of her death.

Since then over the years people have made many movies, play, games, and videos of Joan Of Arc and no one will ever forget the portrayals she played in making of that time in history. I wonder if there could have been a different outcome for her if she had more support. Why did they demand she had to be burnt at the stake? Did they think she was a witch or believed in voodoo that they believed she had to be burned at the stake after hanging her?

Joan D'arc contest entry

She was canonized as a Roman Catholic Saint 500 years after her death May 16th, 1920 and the French erected a statue of her for all to see. They also sent one to the French Quarter in the town of New Orleans in the replica of the one in France.
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