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A bad day to be a bully in Astatula

A chapter in the book Boiler Room

Section 5 - Part 3: Exhumed

by Brett Matthew West

Has Cody's worst nightmare from Hell become his reality? Can Sheriff Daniels keep him safe?
Summary of the story so far:

Cody Schroder lived the first ten years of his life in Palo Pinto, Texas. There, his biological sperm donor, Earl Anthony Schroder, put him through a life time of hellacious physical, mental, and sexual abuse.

Allegedly killed in a car crash, as detailed in my first Cody Schroder book that I entitled Astatula, Earl Anthony Schroder mysteriously appears in the small town two years later. Cody's worst nightmare from Hell has always been that Earl Anthony Schroder is alive, in Astatula, and wants him dead.

Shortly after he arrived in Astatula, Cody is adopted by Sheriff Brock Daniels. Now that Earl Anthony Schroder is on the scene, can Sheriff Daniels keep his son safe from the clutches of the psychopath bent on murderizing him, as Cody would say?

You know how much I appreciate all of you who faithfully follow Cody.

To newcomers, I say welcome aboard the Cody Schroder Express! You will very much enjoy what you find here.


Last Time: "When, Dad? When are we going to get him?" Cody wanted to know."


The Astatula Post Office stood on the northeast corner of Cassandra Boulevard and Ripling Street. Built in 1882, the abode structure featured earth-tones, stucco walls, curved beam supports, and ornamental roof vigas. The terrazzo floor of the Post Office displayed a Native American Indian Chief in ceremonial dress.

Cody taped a Wanted poster of Earl Anthony Schroder on the white bulletin board inside the Post Office. As he did, his mind once again returned to Palo Pinto. He tried to force the thought as far out of his noggin as he could get it, but the notion kept returning. The vivid imagery projected made him feel as though he was reliving the scene in Technicolor.

It was Melanie Mendenhall.

'Of all the dime-store whores Earl Anthony Schroder dragged home with him over the years what would make you think of her?' he chided himself.

There was no answer. Cody did not have a clue as to why the one he despised the most would crop up in his memory banks.

'That does not compute!' he sternly chastised himself.

But, there she was in all her not so shining glory. As Melanie Mendenhall entered his mind, Cody smacked the tape he used to plaster the Wanted poster of Earl Anthony Schroder on the board with gusto. The board shook. He wished he could have walloped her like that. He really, truly, did!

"Unlike what Earl Anthony Schroder may have you believe, a real man never hits a woman for any reason," Sheriff Daniels had once told him.

Cody knew his Dad was right. Still, he yearned to thump Melanie Mendenhall, right on top of her bouffant hairdo, if only for the satisfaction it'd bring. However, he knew that would only lower him to her unscrupulous standards.

'So much for wishful thinking,' he mumbled.

Cody remembered her rancid Daisy Duke cutoff jeans shorts that revealed an exorbitant portion of her lower anatomy. To him, they also proved she possessed no self-pride and lacked character.

'The shameless hussy,' Cody reflected out loud, 'Beth wouldn't be caught dead looking like a tramp. But, those were the kind of floozies Earl Anthony Schroder took pleasure in.'

"The hooligan's gotta learn what life is all about sometime," he remembered hearing when one of them appeared by Earl Anthony Schroder's side.

For reinforcement, Cody placed another piece of tape on the top of the Wanted poster he affixed to the board. That chore completed, he recalled the moans of ecstasy that emitted through the paper-thin walls of the decrepit trailer he used to reside in in Palo Pinto.

He meditated for a moment on how the constant banging of the bed Earl Anthony Schroder, and his latest hot mama, copulated in did not collapse the wall? He also recalled how the white lattice skirting circling the base of the pink modular home was missing in more places than it covered.

This allowed armadillos, raccoons, opossums, and who knows what else to nest under their trailer. The fortunate ones were shot on sight by Earl Anthony Schroder. Others encountered a much more sadistic fate. Cody trembled at the remembrance of the brutality they suffered.

"Target practice," that's what he recollected as being the reason Earl Anthony Schroder gave for the cruelty he called "sport" that he inflicted on these defenseless creatures.

"Animals are nothing more than stupid, worthless, critters that need to be eliminated, like you!" Earl Anthony Schroder repeatedly told him each time he terminated one of them.

Then, in a callous manner, he spit through his teeth and warned Cody, "Cross me once and you will take their place!"

Cody got the message loud and clear.

Somehow, after tying on another ferocious night of drinking, smoking marijuana, and unrestrained sex with Earl Anthony Schroder, Melanie Mendenhall pleasured in the same tortures of innocent animals Cody abhorred.

Then, one day, like all the other bimbos that came and went out of the residence before her, she mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again. Not that Cody cared. He was glad she was gone. He knew before long another unfortunate newcomer would take her place.

His task of posting the Wanted poster on Earl Anthony Schroder completed, Cody turned and walked out of the Post Office.

That's when he heard, "I don't know why you're hanging posters up around town, Schroder. You know when you grow up you're gonna be just like your old man, an insane child molester!"

It was Spencer Aloysius, the town's resident bully. He enjoyed picking on smaller boys. He was also a year older, and a head taller, than Cody. Jeremy and Jerome Stubblefield positioned themselves beside him. The cinnamon-haired freckle-faces, who lived past the railroad tracks on the outskirts of town, laughed at Spencer's comment and eagerly egged him on.

Without a word, Cody walked over to where Spencer stood on the curb tormenting him. He cocked his right arm back as far as he could and cleaned the bully's clock! The aggravator did not see the punch coming until it was too late to avoid the blow. It landed flush on Spencer's nose and knocked him on his kiester.

Spencer grabbed his throbbing nose with both hands. Blood trickled out of it. He picked himself up off the ground and ran down the middle of Cassandra Boulevard crying, "I'm gonna go tell my daddy you hit me for no reason at all! He's gonna come get you for that!"

Cody thought, 'Let him come. I have something for him when he does.'

He glared at Jeremy and Jerome. His hands were clinched in fists of rage and held down by his sides. He inflated his chest way up high like a puff addar. The two of them immediately ceased their laughing. When their cowardly leader ran away, all of a sudden their bullying wasn't so comical.

Gallantly, Cody challenged them, "You want some? Come get some!"

In haste, the not so brave twins dashed down the blacktop hot on Spencer's heels. They wanted no part of Cody. He, in turn, appreciated the subtleties of the situation. It was not a good day to be a bully in Astatula.

As Cody unclenched his fists, a stone sailed over his head. If it had passed a half inch lower, the rock would have parted his blond hair right down the middle. Cody spun around and quickly scanned his surroundings in all directions. He sensed he was being watched, but there was nobody on the streets. Still, he knew where the rock came from. Earl Anthony Schroder was close by.

He felt his insanity slither downward. Apathetic to the perception, he buoyed himself to 'Hold it together, Cody. You are not the worthless trash Earl Anthony Schroder has always tried to cram down your throat that you are. Your views on the world may not always be right, and more than once you have had to learn how to fit in with other people, but you are audacious, adventurious, and you have a keen level of intelligence. These are the things that will empower you to conquer this nightmare once and for all.'

'Ready or not Earl Anthony Schroder, I'm up to the challenge. You're going down you white-livered snake!" a lionhearted Cody deafeningly thundered. He vowed, 'I've had it!"


Cast of Characters:

Cody Schroder - Blond munchkin and main character of the book.

Sheriff Brock Daniels - Long time Sheriff of Astatula and Cody's Dad.

Daisy Duke - Popular female character in early 1980s action-comedy television program known as The Dukes of Hazzard. Set the world on fire with her famous Daisy Duke cutoff jeans shorts fashion statement.

Spencer Aloysius - Resident teenaged town bully of Astatula. Until Cody cleaned his clock for him, that is.

Jeremy and Jerome Stubblefield - The twin freckle-faces seen egging Spencer Aloysius's bullying of Cody on. Challenged to a fist fight by Cody, they showed their true colors and bee-lined down Cassandra Boulevard hot on the heels of their disgraced leader.

Melanie Mendenhall - Earl Anthony Schroder's floozy.

Earl Anthony Schroder - Cody's biological sperm donor. Put Cody through ten years of hellacious physical, mental, and sexual abuse in Palo Pinto.

Chapter Word Count: 1,325

Book Word Count: 14,410



This morning Cody tells me, "Oh, how I wish you would allow me to finish the rest of this story myself!"

To which I replied, "Behave Cody. I know you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on Earl Anthony Schroder once and for all. And, who can blame you after all he has done to you? But, I am the one who will pen this story, young'un."

Sometimes Cody and I have these teensy-weensy little tiffs. That's when I have to box his tiny ears for him a mite and try to keep the little bugger under tight wraps.

As those of you familiar with Cody can readily attest to, that is not always an easy task to perform. It's kind of like keeping shoes on his feet. It's not going to happen. You all have witnessed that phenomenon in his books before.

This is Evan, by Lilibug6, selected to complement all my Cody Schroder stories.

So, thanks Lilibug6, for the use of your picture. It goes so nicely with all my Cody Schroder stories.
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