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chocolate , fruit kink and sensual massage


by beizanten

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The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Hank felt soft rose petal lips pressed so softly against his. His lips curled into a smile, and he slowly opened his eyes. His smile grew as he saw his alluring boyfriend staring at him with such a loving gaze. Alex was far more beautiful now, than when they first met.

'Was it possible for a man to have eyes so brilliantly blue, hair quite that shade of ripe corn and moonlight skin? Or did love make everything look special?'

Hank registered that his blond beauty was already dressed for work.

"Morning, honey. I brought you breakfast," the blond smiled affectionately. Then he lifted a tray of food with a single red rose from the small table beside Hank's bedside and laid it beside his lover. "Pesto scrambled eggs with Blueberry pancakes, your favorite,"

Hank smiled, pulled his boyfriend close and kissed him slowly.

Alex couldn't hold back a moan and it only encouraged him. Hank's hands slid under Alex's shirt but the blond reluctantly stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"I have to get to work," the blond beauty said apologetically.

'Damn,' Hank thought.

"Eat your breakfast," Alex gave one last chaste kiss to Hank's lips before ruffling his already messy bed hair. Hank wanted to protest but stopped when he saw Alex had a huge, blinding grin on his face. The grin always made Hank's blood travel two times faster and his heart speed up. "I love you," the blond said before he left the room. His voice so full of love that something inside Hank melted.

"I love you too," Hank said looking at the spot Alex had been before he left. He meant those words with every fibre of his being. He was so lucky to have Alex.


Alex carefully pulled out the pan from the oven, smiling at the sweet smell of Vanilla cr�¨me gateau when his mind went back home to Hank. His genius novelist of a lover must be furiously writing his book right now that it was near its deadline. Smiling fondly, he reached for his phone and email his beloved.

'I can't wait to be in your arms,' Alex smiled and pressed send.

"Boss," called Sean, opening the door. "We need another batch of Angel's cakes,"


The blond came home late at night after buying a box of heart shape chocolate and champagne for himself and Hank. He was enthusiastic and couldn't wait to see his lover. He had been very busy with the cake's fair that he didn't spend enough time with his enthralling lover.

Alex turned his car into the driveway and got out with a huge smile and a light spring to his step. He stopped as he felt himself stepping on something soft. The blond looked down and was most surprised to see he had stepped right on soft red rose's petals. The blond felt his heart melted. Who knew Hank could be such a romantic! Usually Alex was the romantic one in their relationship, the one whom pursued. It gave him a heady feeling that their role was reverse for a change. It felt wonderful to know Hank had done all of this for him... for them.

He saw beautiful trail of rose petals leading to the door. More surprises? The blond face lit up like Christmas had come early and quickly followed the trail of flower with a light spring to his every step. He couldn't wait to see what his wonderful lover had installed for him.

The trail of red roses started from there up the stairs to their bedroom where there was another two dozen roses waiting in a crystal vase and a note saying 'Meet me under the moonlight sky where I will massage you and dip strawberries in chocolate, next to candles and we can just hold each other in our arms and watch the stars,'. Alex was both surprised and touched. He never thought anyone would go that far for him.

Alex could hear gentle, relaxing, romantic music coming from the other side of the balcony's door. He took a deep breath in anticipation as he opened the door. The blond let out a gasp of pleasant surprise, his heart filled with love for the other man. Hank had turned their balcony romantic.

There were flower petal spread all over the place. Several scented candles spread throughout the dark balcony set an intimate mood. The place smelled like lavender and it was great, soothing and gave off a feeling of serene. The blond felt himself began to relax.

"Hank," he breathed. All Alex wanted was to hold Hank in his arm and show him how much he loved him for this.

His throat released a deep sigh when he saw his lover lying on the covers of their bed in all of his naked beauty. Hank gazed at him with love and desire, his body flushed against the quilt. Alex's mouth gone dry at the glorious sight.

"Get over here, baby," Hank's gaze burned with a smoky, seductive fire as he held out his hand to his lover. Alex smiled affectionately before he obliged. He put the chocolate and champagne on the floor next to the bed and let his alluring lover pull him to bed.

The brunet pulled him closer to him and kissed him softly and leisurely before laying him down on the pillows and slowly discarding him of his clothes. Alex sighed contentedly as he stretched and arched like a cat. Hank took a few seconds to appreciate the sight of his naked blond Eros because what a damn fine sight it was.

"Darling...," Alex's voice is full of love and lust.

"Hush," Hank placed a chaste kiss on his lips. "Just relax. Let me take care of you, baby,"

Alex smiled and relaxed. He loved it when Hank took control.

With a fury of determination in his bright sapphire eyes, Hank began his task to give his lover a night to remember.

"Turn over," Hank ordered.

Alex turned to lie on his stomach, his head resting on the pillow. The silken sheets felt soft against his bare skin, and the air above cool against his bare back and legs.

Hank moved to the chocolate and strawberries in two different heart-shape glass bowls he had place beside his side of the bed. He bended down and took the chocolate bowl. He covered his hand with chocolate before straddling his boyfriend's thighs.

The blond smelt the sweet scent of the hot, dark chocolate before he felt it drizzled onto his back.

When Alex felt Hank's cold, smooth fingers brush his back, slide the hot chocolate over his warm skin, he almost jumped. A new kind of tension filled the blond's body at the electricity of his touch.

The sweet aroma of chocolate slowly permeated the air, it produced a euphoric sensation that put Alex's mind at ease and lifted his spirit. Hank's hands continued to rub against his back, warming up the liquid and slowly relieving the tension in his muscles. Starting at the nap of the neck, Hank worked his way to Alex's lower back. He applied gentle pressure along either side of Alex's spine, using his thumbs. The blond let out a gasp of pleasure.

The brunet used two fingers to rub each ridge of the spinal cord under the smooth thick skin. He pressed firmly, making Alex gasped softly and shudder, making him more relaxed. Hank applied more pressure to the muscles, but it wasn't painful. In fact it was anything but. Hank chuckled when a blissful groaned escaped his blond's throat. The brunet just went on kneading and molding his back muscles until Alex felt like putty in his hands.

Hank smiled and kneaded at his lover's lower back. By this time, Alex's cock was already painfully hard. He placed one hand on either side of his sweetheart's spine, and 'pulled' the skin with his palms away from the spine. Hank continued to the upper back, being careful not to press on Alex's shoulder blades.

Hank rubbed the chocolate on Alex's earlobe before bent down to playfully licked and nipped his earlobe, causing the younger man to whimper. Alex could feel his older lover smiled against his ear.

Everything Hank did with his hands seemed to bring Alex bliss of one kind or another. His hands kneaded his love's shoulders. They felt tense, so the brunet used his fingertips to softly press his pressure points, release tension and tickle to let the softness of his touch linger. He smiled as the shoulders loosened and he heard his beloved let out a contented sigh. Hank kneaded the muscular, fleshy areas at the top of Alex's neck and mid back with the balls of his fingers. He was careful not to use his nails. Alex let out a moan of pleasure that went straight to Hank's cock. The brunet continued massaging, enjoying his gorgeous lover response.

Using his thumbs, Hank applied pressure using a circular motion on the hard areas called knot.

"Alex, how much pressure do you prefer?" Hank asked he didn't want to hurt his lover. Knots are very sensitive to pressure and everyone had different pain tolerance level.

"A little harder," the blond answered. Alex let out a gasp of pleasure as Hank complied. "Keep doing that...,"

Hank moved to work on Alex's arms. He loved how well-form they were, the silky muscle. They were just right. He rubbed his hands on the joint where the shoulder began, slowly making his way up to his wrist and then to his fingers. The brunet made sure that each little gap and digit was well soaked before he proceeded to his beloved's other arm.

Hank sucked each one of his Adonis' fingers, relishing in the moan Alex let out. It was so erotic. Hank's beautiful pink tongue traced the pads of his lover's fingers individually, then down his index into the crevice between his index and his middle, then up his middle. Alex was transfixed by the motions of Hank's tongue as it trailed around his middle and towards his ring finger. Hank loved how Alex's own taste mingled with the chocolate to form something so damned good. Sweet and salty, it was just irresistible. Hank licked all the chocolate from Alex's hand.

Hank gently maneuvered him so he lay with his back to the bed. He grinned to see a certain body part was really indicating positively at his effort.

"My, my, someone's really happy to see me!" he teased making his blond blushed light pink.

"Ha-," Alex wanted to ask Hank to kiss him but was silenced by the other man's lips, as if Hank sensed his need. They were kissing, mouthing hungrily. Alex relished in the heavenly taste of dark chocolate mix with the sweet taste that was purely Hank. Their tongue tangled into a beautiful sparring dance.

Hank leaned back for some much-needed air. Then his chocolate coated hands swept across his lover's collarbone then upwards to his Adam's apple. Alex let out whimpers and moans of pleasure.

Hank smirked. It was time. "Wait," Hank went to take the heart shape glass bowl with strawberries from the floor beside his bed. Alex's eyes lighted up just the tiniest bit at the sight of his favorite fruit.

Hank gave a sultry smirked before he took a strawberry and dipped it into the dark chocolate. The brunet licked his lips slowly causing a sticky and glassy liquid to stain his lips. Alex gulped.

Hank bit, chewed, swallowed, and then licked the red fruit. His pink tongue would emerge the slightest bit from his parted lips and ran over the bitten part of the strawberry before it retracted and he took another bite. It tasted amazing. The bright, tangy sweetness of the strawberries was offset by the mellow, deep richness of the chocolate embraced it. The sweet rich chocolate which melted in his mouth then crept painfully slow down his throat. He closed his eyes, inhaled, and moaned.

Alex's eyes widen in lust. The blond was nearly undone at the sight of Hank's mouth clamped around the large strawberry covered chocolate. He couldn't help but imagine that same mouth, eventually encased around his own aching cock. He stared dreamily into those dazzling azure eyes as those small, perfectly shape teeth bit down on the ripe, red, fleshy fruit. The scent released into the air with the bite was intoxicating.

He sighed and reached for another strawberry, conscious of the pair of sky-blue eyes watching him with barely control lust. Hank smirked at the reaction he garnered.

'How can Hank make eating strawberry so hot?' The sight of Hank eating strawberry was driving him to the point of insanity. Just the way he moaned afterward. It was just driving him up the wall.

Alex watched his brunet pulled out another strawberry and smiled when the chocolate stuck to his fingers. Hank then slowly licked each finger while keeping eye contact with his lover, making sure that every single drop of chocolate was off his long, slender fingers. It took all of Alex's self-control not to pounce his alluring lover and groaned with need instead.

Hank placed his lips around the pointed part of the strawberry and then using his index finger, pushed the remaining part of it into his mouth. He kept his eyes locked with Alex while chewing it... slowly.

Alex couldn't tear his eyes away. There was a smear of chocolate on the right side of Hank's mouth. Hank gave Alex a sultry smile before licking his lips and the blond's throat dried instantly.

'God, when the hell had my Hank turns this sexy?' Usually being sexy and seductive was his job but his beloved had blown him off with this. His love was being so god damn sexy tonight.

"Want some?" Hank said in a sin-soft voice.

"Yes, please," Alex begged needily.

Hank pulled out another strawberry, dipped it into the chocolate and took it in his teeth. He leaned down as if he would give him the strawberry but moved his head so some of the chocolate dripped on to his lover's chest. Then he leaned up and passed Alex the strawberry mouth to mouth. Alex quickly bit the strawberry, he intended to capture his lover's lips but Hank pulled back mischievously. Hank kissed and licked his bare chest and neck free of chocolate. Alex moaned.

"Hank, that feels good," Alex murmured.

Hank took another strawberry with his mouth. This time, he let some of the chocolate dripped on to his blonde's neck, chest, and nipples. Again his pass Alex the strawberry mouth to mouth. Then he licked his love's neck, chest, and teased Alex's nipples while licking up the chocolate.

"Oh, God, Hank," Alex moaned as he trembled with pleasure. "More," he begged.

Hank chuckled mischievously and took another strawberry with his hand this time. Alex opened his mouth, much more eagerly this time and nearly bit off Hank's fingers. Hank felt his iron-hard cock grew even harder as the warm and smooth muscle licked away the remaining chocolate from his fingers.

"Mmmmm," Alex let a sound of content.

"You like it that much, huh?" Hank smirked and his mouth covered Alex's. His tongue touched his lover's and did not stop until he licked all the chocolate left in there. Making love with Alex with his tongue. Alex panted heavily when they broke apart.

Hank pulled back with a dreamy look. "It tasted better on your tongue," He said before kissing his Adonis again. He carefully kissed off the chocolate and strawberry juices on his blond's lips, moaned slightly as Alex returned the kiss fervently. Hank sucked at his love's bottom lip, and then the top, trying to get every last bit of chocolate, and then kept kissing the beautiful man beneath him.

Hank sucked Alex's lower lip into his mouth. He used the tip of his tongue to stroke up and down mere millimeters below it and stimulated the whole male's lip erogenous zone. It felt as if electric currents were shooting from Alex's mouth straight to his member and he let out a loud moan.

Hank slicked his hand with chocolate and rubbed Alex's neck with it. He licked and nipped at his neck drawing whimpers and moans. He paused to suck on the one spot he knew drew him nuts. Alex groaned with need. Hank scraped his teeth on the spot. The blond whimpered in pleasure. Hank dipped down and paused beneath his Adam's apple, massaged the area in wide circular motions with his tongue to excite Alex's thyroid. It made the blond gurgled Hank's name in maximum pleasure.

The blond could feel rather than see Hank's smile. Hank gave the salty skin one last kiss before proceeding to his beloved's chest.

Alex let out a soft moan when Hank rubbed the chocolate onto his chest. His beloved's hand warmed up the liquid and slowly relieving the tension in his muscles. The brunet licked off all the chocolate on his chest excluding Alex's nipples and the area near it. Coating his hand with more chocolate, Hank moved back to his man's chest to play with his nipples. He watched as they hardened from his pinching and slightly scratching over the skin. Surprised, Alex arched his back and moaned.

Hank slowly licked in a circle starting from outside his areola, circling closer toward his strawberry nipple as you would an ice cream cone. Hank kept tantalizing him by zeroing in closer with his tongue.

"Hank! St-stop being... such a tease!"

The brunet smiled and flicked the nipple before he gently bit it. Alex moaned with need. Hank's tongue pressed against the hard nub as he sucked on it and dragged his teeth along it. The blond groaned loudly. He couldn't still his impatient and grabbed a handful of Hank's hair, trying to push his head downwards.

Hank allowed himself to be forced lower, but he went at a painfully slow pace, trailing kisses along his lover's chest and stomach. He poured more chocolate on his hands before he gently rubbed and massaged Alex's sides and muscled stomach. The brunet felt his lover's skin shivered with delight.

Hank then licked it all the chocolate. Alex's head was thrown back, and he arched against Hank's talented tongue, his hands fisted in the sheets, his grip tightened in his knuckles. He couldn't help but laugh when Hank playfully dipping and twirling his tongue in his belly button. Alex pushed his smiling lover's head gently.

Hank moved down to Alex's feet. He covered his hand more chocolate and massaged his lover's foot all over slowly but firmly to loosen it up. Hank made sure that each little gap and digit was well soaked. The brunet used both hands to hold on to the spine area with the palm of his hands. His fingers on the top of his love's foot and his thumbs on the bottom of the foot. Then he slowly and gently twisted his hands away from each other to gently twist the spine area on Alex's foot. Hank twisted both ways, for about ten to fifteen seconds each way. He pressed the fingertip-size pressure point halfway between Alex's heel and ankle bone and the blond moaned at the pleasure it gave him. Hank gave it a few more pressure making the blonde moaned aloud. He sucked his beloved's toes and then licked between the toes. His lover whimpered out loud.

Hank's hand came to rest on Alex's hips. His fingers were like silk gliding up the inside of Alex's thigh. He ignored the one place Alex wanted him to touch, heard a whine of need. He glanced at his lover and loved what he saw. Alex's silvery blue eyes were dark and blown and a blotchy flush of arousal painting his cheeks with red and pink water colors.

"Don't worry, baby... I'll do it later,"

Not waiting for a respond, Hank slathered more chocolate onto his love's legs. They were strong and muscular, pale like the rest of his blond beauty, lightly hairy with blond hairs. He parted Alex's legs, and rubbed his love's thighs. The blond moaned when Hank fiddled with the inner areas where the skin was soft and very sensitive. His sweetheart's kneecaps were next before the calves were given the same gentle treatment. He massaged Alex's ankles, pressing here and there, feeling the tension leave. Hank relished in the small grunts, whimpers and moans coming from his lover. He licked all the chocolates off eagerly.

A glance up, Hank could feel himself hardening at the sight of his man's face. He was magnificent. Alex's blond hair acted as a golden halo, accentuating his handsome face, his silvery blue eyes burning with desire, love and gratitude and his lips smiling peacefully. He straddled Alex's waist again and kissed his palm lovingly when his beloved reached up to stroke his cheek.

Hank smiled slyly up at him from where he lay between Alex's bare legs. He looked back up at Alex and locked eyes with him. They smiled at each other, and for a moment, Hank forgot everything because he was lost in the lust-filled gaze of his boyfriend. The cool blue of his eyes smoldering with a passion that seemed like such a contrast to the color.

And then there was a light touch, fingers dancing gracefully over the skin of Alex's erection, light enough to make him gasped and arched his back, but not enough to relieve any pressure. The blond groaned as Hank brushed over his entrance, his hips bucked instinctively.

Hank took more chocolate and let the warm chocolate drizzled over Alex's cock. A rough growl resonated deep in the blond's throat. He curled his fingers around his length and the feel of him-steel and velvet take his breath away. Hank smoothed the rest of the chocolate over Alex's erection. Alex moaned at the sensation, his cock was iron-hard.

Alex's head fell back in a groan. Hank's fingers were trailing up and down his cock, over and under, teasing around the head and oh, god, it was so warm. A purr of pure pleasure escaped his lips. The smell reached him and he felt his head started to spin. Hank's hand pass Alex's family jewel and pressed his knuckles gently into the perineum causing his love to whimpers loudly.

He naughtily kneads the prostate gland and bliss his lover out. Alex let out a moan of passionate torment. Not wanting the blond to come yet, Hank gave it only a couple soft strokes before releasing it. Alex groaned in protest but then there was something warm pressing against his slit and his hips were bucking as Hank slowly trailed his tongue over and around his erection.

Alex couldn't think straight. His cock was surrounded by heat and Hank's tongue was swirling over the tip of his head.

Hank's licked his cock to have a taste of the honeyed flesh. "Please," Alex's need was beyond words. Hank lips curled into a smirk that would make Lucifer proud. He held the base of Alex's penis with his fingers to steady it. He then brushed his lips against the head, rubbing the head across his wet mouth as if he was applying lipstick. "Tease," Alex groaned. The brunet opened his lips a bit, rubbing the head between his lips. He could feel Hank's warm breath against his cock and moaned in ecstasy as the sensation heightened. Occasionally Hank took the whole head in his mouth, then go back to rubbing the tip against his lips causing his sweetheart's toe to curl in pleasure. The blond felt like he's getting a tighter, wetter version of nooky.

Everything was hot and warm and smelled like chocolate and then there was a pressure at his entrance and a long, thin finger, slick with chocolate was slowly being inserted. Hank teased him, pressing that one finger in and out slowly as he bobbed his head over Alex's cock to the same rhythm, hollowing his cheeks and sucking. "Oh, please," Alex gasped. And then there was another finger, and the fingers reached deeper than before, stroking against just the right spot and that's when Alex lost it. He cried out Hank's name and fisted the sheets on either side of him and his boyfriend swallowed his juice diligently.

The fingers were joined by another, stretching and scissoring the blond, sliding in and out easily with the chocolate acting as the perfect lubricant. Alex's pushed back, fucking himself on Hank's twisting fingers. He gasped for air as his lover hit his prostate. His brunet hit the same spot, again and again, making white hot pleasure washed over him.

"Hank, please...," Alex begged, his voice a little unsteady. Even though he already came, he was still hard. Hank pulled out his fingers and scooped up as much of the thick chocolate as possible. His dick was completely flushed, full and erect with pre-cum that dribbled furiously down the thick shaft. He coated his dick with the thick liquid. Alex couldn't stop staring at his lover, he felt like everything froze in anticipation of the next moment, his breathing, heartbeat, and everything seemed to stop.

All rational thought dissolved in a moan as Hank positioned himself at the entrance of his passage.

Hank slid his length root-deep within his lover, moaned at the exquisite warmth and tightness. Alex's body clench. His lover held himself still, allowing his passage to adjust to him. Every time they did this, Hank couldn't help but felt like he was coming home. Their bodies were like Ying and Yang, two halves that made a whole. Hank pressed a sweet kiss to his beloved's pale neck.

"All... right?" Hank asked and choked as Alex suddenly wriggled his ass, clenching his internal muscles around his cock. "Shit! I guess you must be,"

"Move Hank... please," Alex begged.

He didn't need to be told twice. With a possessive growl, Hank pulled back nearly completely before he slammed back in, angling his thrusts so it forcefully pounded against that sweet spot. Eyes closed in pleasure, Alex pushed back to meet every bruising thrust. He whimpered in pleasure at the intense feel of Hank's hard length pushing in and out of him, filling him so deeply, and the rhythm brutal.

"Fuck, Hank... so good...," Alex sobbed, clenching the silk sheet in his hands.

Alex wrapped his legs around Hank's waist, rocking his hips back in abandon. His hands gripped the brunet locks, pulling Hank's head down for a furious kiss.

Alex gasped against Hank's mouth, the sudden stroking around his cock causing shock to go through him. Hank matched each stroke to his thrusts. "God... faster... Hank..."

"So tight...," Hank ground out, as he rotated his hips, so he was touching every possible nerve ending inside, reveling in the clenching muscles surrounding his throbbing member. The tension was mounting inside him.

A burning fire started low in Alex's belly, spreading outward in a wild spiral, scorching each nerve in his body, his cock tightened as his release prepared to tear through him.

"I'm... close...,"

At hearing those words, Hank slammed into Alex's prostrate once more, the hand on his lover's cock left. Alex whined in protest. His lover's hands dip lower and steal some of the chocolate that pooled there.

"Open your eyes, baby," Hank ordered. Alex moaned and pried open his sky blue eyes, only to nearly clench them shut again as Hank lifted his chocolate and pre-come slathered fingers to his mouth and sucked on them greedily. The blond moaned at the sight. "Hank, you teased,"

Smirking, Hank resumed slamming into his lover's prostate. Alex's hips ground hard against his, craving more. Hank felt his own orgasm starting within him, causing his body to shiver in anticipation.

"Come for me, now," Hank surged into him.

Alex screamed, expletives leaving his mouth as he came hard and fast, cock pulsing in time with his overwhelming release. His eyes rolled back as the pleasure pounded into him, heart thudding erratically within his chest.

The sight of Alex's orgasm was the final thing to push Hank over the edge and with a hoarse shout he came inside his lover, falling heavily over his beloved's quivering form as aftershocks rocked through them.

Long minutes later, their breathing even and the post-coital high had lowered slightly. The two young men curled into each other's arms, reveling in the feel of the other's body, at each warm breath that ghosted over their skin. Alex sighed and snuggled closer to his lover, hands rubbing circles on his chest. Hank's fingers carded through the sweaty blond hair, smoothing it back from his lover's beautiful face and kissed one cheek gently.

Their eyes met, and both men melted at the satisfaction and contentment glowing in oceanic blue and sky blue eyes. They didn't need any words to express their physical gratification, using instead loving touches and feathery kisses to convey the message across.

Their legs tangled together and Hank's hand reached down to grasp the edge of the silk blanket, pulling it over their naked bodies.

"Alex...," a pause ensued. The blond looked into his lover's face at the amount of seriousness in his tone. Hank felt his heart thumping faster, blood rising to his face, he had to do this. It was now or never.

"Alex... I love you so much...," Hank looked into the depth of Alex's beautiful eyes as he said those words of love.

Alex was silence. He had heard those words countless of time but this was the first time Hank said it with such serious countenance. Not even when he stood up to his father for their relationship when Hank father tried to convince Hank that his genius, perfect son deserved way better than Alex could ever give him.

"You're the most amazing man I have ever, ever met. You gave me courage, strength and above all, love. We've been together for five years and I couldn't be happier, I had never been happier. Every day is like bliss,"

"Alex, I'm madly in love with you. You're the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. You also occupy my mind between those two moments when I'm awake and in my dreams. I can't imagine a life without you. I would rather die than go on...,"

"Hank," Alex's eyes glazed over and he smiled the smile of pure happiness.

Hank took a deep breath. "I want to wake up each morning and think to myself 'This is my husband, and he's all mine,' I want to be able to proudly proclaim that yes, we are married. I want to adopt children with you and grow old with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I've been trying to do this for the past month and a half, and I've wanted to do it ever since our first date. So I'm just going to say it now and hope for the best. Alexander Christopher Summer, my best friend, boyfriend, lover and soul mate, will you marry me?"

There was a horrible beat of silence before Alex was grinning and laughing and kissing Hank firmly and softly all at once. It was fervent, feverish, but also slow, passionate. He put his happiness, his certainty, his love in his kiss. His heart felt like bursting as he pulled his lover close to him and their tongue continued their seductive dance. This was the most intimate kiss they ever had. They both breathing hard when they broke the kiss.

Alex's eyes warm with affection. "Yes. Of course. I love you Hank and I don't ever want to be with anyone else...," what the blonde going to say next was cut off by Hank's eager lips. They were both laughing and just holding each other. It could have been minutes, hours, months, even years before they finally broke apart.

Hank reached under his pillow and pulled out the small, blue, velvet box which contained a silver ring with five big diamonds all next to each other. He slipped it onto Alex's finger, then once again they were kissing. Except this time it was different, this time, they were fianc�©es, this time, they were taking the first step into the rest of their lives.

Alex smiled, tracing Hank's lips with his fingers. "I love you," He repeated the words he so loved to hear before hugging his beautiful lover tightly to him.

A soft smile on his face, Hank's eyes began to close in contentment.

"You know. Hank. I never thought you would beat me to the punch,"

Hank's eyes shot open at that. There was something in the blond's voice that Hank knew too well. It was the same tone Alex used when he had a surprise up his sleeve. 'Is that mean what I think it means,' his heart thudded.

He looked at his blond with a questioning gaze. Alex smiled his blinding grin and disentangled himself from Hank much to his brunet displeasure. He reached down to the floor near his side of the bed and took the heart shape chocolate box. Hank stared at it in anticipation.

Alex handed Hank the heart shape chocolate box. The brunet opened it hastily. He stared at the content inside in surprise happiness. He should have guessed as much from his amazing lover. They are 6 gourmet chocolate truffles inside. There should be seven truffles but Alex had taken out the middle chocolate and replaced it with a wedding ring.

Hank put the box on his lap and his hand carefully took the ring as if he was afraid it would disappear. He stared intensely at it, taking everything in. It was white gold, the rim festooned with inlaid small diamonds, and when he turned it light flecks of royal blue danced over his skin.

At the bottom of the circle there was an inscription engraved in red:

'AS+HM= forever,'

'It is perfect,' Hank thought as his face glowed with extreme happiness.

Alex was overjoyed to see his reaction. The ring wasn't nearly as expensive as the one Hank bought for him. Alex took the ring while his other hand hold Hank's wrist delicately and slipped it to his finger with a smile.

"It looked perfect on you,"

Hank stared and stared at the ring on his finger with deep happiness.

"You know," Alex's voice brought Hank back to him. "We should eat them. I know you love truffle. I also bought your favorite chocolate red wine,"

Hank smiled grew bigger if it was possible. How he loved this man, Alex was full of surprises.

The gourmet truffles were delicious made with the best chocolate, pure cocoa butter, real butter, natural flavoring and the highest quality cream. The deep, rich, complex chocolate flavors created an impressive assortment of dark, milk, and white chocolate delicacies that made Hank's heart soared.

Then they fed each other chocolate covered strawberries and sipped the chocolate red wine. The wine was ripe with cherry fruit flavors with a touch of oak on the finish and mix with dark chocolate. Hank savored the sensation of melting chocolate and wine as they mingled in his mouth and moaned appreciatively.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, just holding onto each other's gaze, before bringing their lips together in a soft, gentle kiss that tasted like chocolate and wine. They lay down side by side, languidly pressing kisses against each other's lips before falling asleep snuggled against each other.

Tomorrow morning, they would think back on what a perfect night it had been. Hank had given Alex a sensual chocolate massage, they have made love under the stars, proposed to each other and then fed each other chocolate covered strawberries, ate truffle and sipped champagne. It was a night they would never forget.

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