War and History Non-Fiction posted August 13, 2017

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When we sat on the exact same bench

Friendship Can Last Forever

by Abby Wilson-hand

Two Children Contest Winner 

When we were children our dads were out to war, our mothers worked hard in the kitchens. We would play in the yard, we just knew we would be best friends forever. Till this one day, we were playing in the house and our mothers were baking pies. A solider came knocking on the door.

Our mothers were in a fright we didn't know what was happening. We ran to the door together and our mothers had told us to go play. We had run to the top of the stairwell and stuck our heads through the rungs of the staircase. We couldn't quite hear what they were saying, but as friends we seemed a bit frightened, we looked at each other in deep concern.

As our mothers clinched each other in sadness and the cries, we heard were quite painful. We had run down the stairs and begged to our mothers to what was going on. As their cries deepened they had said our fathers had been killed in the war. We looked at each other, the pain in the eyes of a best friend was unbearable. So we looked away and then we had both embraced our mothers.

A few days went buy and there were two children sitting on a bench. One looks up and says " promise me we will be friends forever". The other boy said " I promise".

As we boys grew older we kept that promise, we even served our country together and We grew together and stayed together. On the same day, on the same bench, us as men would sit and remember when we were two small children sitting on a bench in the cemetery, grieving over our fathers. As one of us remembers the promise we had made, we would be friends forever.

The bench that we had sat on when we were children had never changed, but the crosses and our reflections were different. There were many more crosses and many more wrinkles. As one of us looked up at the other and said "we will always be friends, even in death as we will both be buried here". Then we both stood from the bench walking in the same direction in the same stride, just knowing that friendship can last forever.

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Two Children
Contest Winner

This story was told by my great grandfather and is very true and they are both resting in peace in the same cemetery two rows over from each other.
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