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...Jenny finds parents for her baby

A chapter in the book The Products of Love

Jenny's Plan

by Mustangpatty1029

'The Products of Love' is the story of Jenny and Ron. Their love affair started out so sweet, and then life stepped in and things got rocky. Can this deep connection ever be broken?


The story so far…
Back in 1983, Jenny and Ron met on their way to work in the shipyard.  He worked at one end of the shipyard and she worked in a building closer to the gate they went in together.  After flirting and talking for several weeks, Ron finally asked Jenny out.
Their first date was magical, and it was the beginning of a wonderful six months or so of dating.  Jenny warned Ron that there wouldn't be any sex until they were in a committed relationship.  She remained true to her word.  Ron finally told her he loved her and expressed his belief that they had something that would last.
The feelings of elation for Jenny were dispelled the very next day.  She arrived at Ron's house, after ignoring her ringing phone as she left the house.  When she let herself in, she found Ron sitting with a strange woman.  Unbeknown to her, this was Ron' half-sister who had been blackmailing him for years.
She left the house with a broken heart, and Ron didn't follow her.  He was at a total loss as to what to do.
The misunderstandings continued and the couple drifted further and further apart.

Jenny found out she was pregnant two weeks after a bitter argument with Ron.  Hurtful words had been said by both.  Their stubbornness once again got in the way of them working things out.  Calling Ron with the news, Jenny was disappointed when he didn't want to speak about it, but asked for a few hours to 'process' the news.

(the next two chapters were released earlier, so many of you have already reviewed them.  I did make a few edits, but nothing that changes the basic premise of the story.) 
From the Last Chapter:
"Jenny?  It's me, um, Ron.  I uh, thought about it, and I think we should just make a clean break of things.  If you want, I can meet you tomorrow and give you my half of what it costs to get an abortion.  To me, it's just the best thing to do."
Hearing the sharp gulp of air on the other end of the line, he listened for her acceptance.  "Well, if that's what you think is best for you…where do you want to meet?"
"I'll swing by your house tomorrow morning.  Let's get this all over with."  Without saying goodbye, he hung up the phone.  He slid down the kitchen wall as his tears overcame him.  He mourned all that could have been.

And now, we rejoin our story…
Soft rapping on the door made Jenny's stomach lurch.  Taking a deep breath, she pulled on the door knob, and looked into the deep blue eyes she loved.  She honestly hoped the baby would inherit those beautiful eyes.  That thought made her breath catch in her throat.  How hard would it be to look at the child?  At the same time, she mourned because Ron didn't even care about the baby.  He didn't think of 'it' as a baby.  There to give her money for an abortion, he was washing his hands of the situation.
"Come on in."
"No.  Uh, I think we should just keep it simple, and at the door.  Here."
The white envelope had her name and the amount written across the front.  The deep crease from being folded into his back pocket smudged some of the writing.  His hand shook as he offered the thick pouch to her.
Her eyes filled with tears as she reached out for the parcel.  She couldn't meet his eyes, because she didn't want to lie about what her plans were.  Of course, he never asked.  All of her anger returned, and she just wanted him to leave.
Knowing she and Patty were heading to the mall to buy maternity clothes with whatever amount was in the envelope, she simply thanked him.  "Was there anything else?" she asked.
"I don't think so.  See ya around."
Jenny's life was turned upside down over the next five months.  As her co-workers in the office noticed her condition, she purposely avoided their questions, but nothing could stop the stares.  Patty was sworn to secrecy, so she wouldn't answer their questions, either.  Wild speculation surrounded Jenny and her growing belly.
Deciding to treat herself to the best obstetrician in town, Jenny made an appointment for her prenatal care.  As soon as the doctor heard she was thinking about adoption, he changed his entire attitude.  No longer the caring physician, he seemed to focus only on the baby.  He outlined the plan of how it would work.  She would be able to get some bare facts about the perspective parents, and he would put her completely out when she went into labor.  She would never see the baby, and she would go home the next day.
Appalled, Jenny made another appointment with her general practitioner and asked him if he would be willing to deliver the baby.  He was more than happy to, and suggested she talk with the counselors at Catholic Charities about her options.  Dr. Langley also offered to be supportive if she decided to raise the baby herself or give him or her up for adoption.
Constantly wrestling with the decision, Jenny felt overwhelmed and tense.  She started to see a chiropractor for the pain in her lower back and neck, and while she received some physical relief, a solution also became known.
"You're getting pretty close now, aren't you?" Doctor Lois asked.
"Yup.  I'm about three weeks away from my due date," Jenny said with a long sigh.
"Come now, it isn't that bad.  Just think, in three weeks or so, you will have a gorgeous little baby to play with."
At those words, Jenny felt the dam inside burst.  The tears rushed out with a deep wail.  She was so scared, and she didn't have a concrete plan.  The baby was due so soon, and she hadn't found adoptive parents yet.
"Shhhh.  Come on.  Let's talk it out.  That always seems to help me," Dr. Lois said quietly.  She handed Jenny a ball of tissues and hugged Jenny close.
Dr. Lois happened to know a couple living a few houses down from her who were hoping to adopt a baby.  It seemed they had been trying to for several years.  Married for ten, the couple was very excited when approached about adopting Jenny's baby.  A meeting was arranged, and the three would meet at a local restaurant.
Jenny walked into the appointed meeting place with anticipation.  Somehow, this all seemed to feel just right.  The hostess brought her to a table, where an excited Rita and Bill were waiting.  Everyone was tense, while Rita and Jenny laughed nervously.
"Hi.  I hope you don't mind if I ask a ton of questions.  This is probably the biggest decision I've ever made."
"No," said Rita, "we don't mind.  We want you to feel comfortable and get to know us.  If you decide to let us adopt your baby, we want to know you, too."
Dinner went well, and Jenny was able to describe the type of home where she hoped her baby would be raised.  Rita and Bill described their home, marriage, and their search for a baby. 
Jenny felt an immediate connection with Rita, and she felt comfortable entrusting her son or daughter to this woman to raise.  By the end of the dinner, it was all decided.
Now, all everyone had to do, was wait for the baby's arrival.



I wrote this story based on a friend's recollections. I've known her for over thirty years and I was there at the beginning. Through the magic of the internet and free long distance, I've been able to hear the whole story.

With her permission, I've developed a story line based on what happened between her and her lover. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.
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