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This work has reached the exceptional level
Marauding pirates versus British Navy

Conflict On The English Coast

by RebelRose

''Twas once upon a day of yore
When pirates came upon the shore.
They came to gather contraband
And wreak havoc o'er all the land.

Captain Blackheart led the men
A burley man of six feet, ten
Rotten teeth and body stench
Forced himself on many a wench

This horde of randy buccaneers
Taunted with lascivious sneers
They raped and pillaged, this rowdy bunch
So drunk were they on Sailor's punch

One beauty caught the despot's fancy
A proud young thing, the maiden Nancy
Too late to try to get away
The tyrant bade that she obey

She was betrothed to wed Corday
Sacred vows to him she'd say
Scoundrel Blackheart said "nay, nay"
It wasn't going to be that way

He vowed aloud to the frightened miss
By dawn of morn, she would be his
She'd be deflowered by moonlight's glow
How she'd prevail, she didn't know

Her fear she tried hard to repress
To captor's lust, she'd acquiesce
'Til she could formulate a plan
To rid herself of this wicked man

She knew Corday would risk his life
To protect his love, his future wife
He'd not come out without a scratch
For all these men, he'd be no match

She'd not involve him in this fray
She'd spare the life of her Corday
She must keep still and not call out
But then she heard his angry shout

Corday emerged from the fearful throng
Stepped up to end this horrid wrong
With sword in hand, he made his threat
An act too soon he would regret

Outnumbered by a hundred to one
His act was thwarted, this valiant son
His sweetheart begged him let it go
But was outdone by the lusty foe

The blade that glinted in firelight's glow
Pierced the heart of the young hero
Nancy took no time to mourn
Faced her enemy with hate and scorn

She spewed spittle into his face
But he held her fast in his embrace
With viscous laughter, he held on tight
And whisked her off into the night

The land was soaked with blood of men,
Tears of children and pirate's gin
Women wept, and moaned and sighed
More pirates came with the morning tide

They plundered, molested, claimed as theirs,
Whatever they wanted, these curs and corsairs
Mothers hid children in secret places,
Heartbroken by fear on innocent faces

Food was taken from hungry young
Water denied the thirsty tongue
Fair lasses lost their maidenhead
As days passed on with fear and dread

The skies turned dark before the night
Approaching storms were now in sight
When things were looking at their worst
Collected raindrops quenched their thirst

Thunder added to the raucous din
As rain poured down and fog moved in
Darkened the mood of the merry men
But didn't deter them from their sin

The townsmen fought to no avail;
Were either killed or locked in jail
Helplessness and great despair
Found each one lost in silent prayer

One morning unexpectedly,
A young man looked out toward the sea
A Navy ship was on the rise
He could not believe his eyes

More Navy ships then joined the first
Marauding scoundrels now were cursed
Days of pleasure no more would be
Now came the end of their revelry

Prayers were answered, help arrived
Friendly vessels with plans contrived
Sailors stealthily rowed ashore
Outnumbered pirates double or more

Pirates too drunk and unprepared
Surprise attack, none were spared.
Ended the pirates' devious plots
As gunboats aimed and fired their shots

Boat parts scattered in vast array
As pirate ships were blown away
Nothing left but splinters now
No spoils intact upon their scow

Floating shards of ships' debris
Now were drifting out to sea
Sunken treasures they'd become
Stolen jewels, fine silk, and rum

Town folk, although still quite shaken
Relieved to find no prisoners taken
No pirate left to brag or boast
Of the conflict on the English coast

Shouts of victory rent the air
Gone was the feeling of despair
Hope shown clear on smiling faces
Folks emerged from hiding places

Food was brought from the Navy vessels
Tables spread on hand-hewn trestles
Hungry bellies filled once more
As calm abounded along the shore

Navy captain spied a lass
''Twas Nancy hiding in tall grass
Her face was battered, caked with blood
Her hair entangled with clumps of mud

Used, abused, and tossed aside
Nancy had found a place to hide
As broken as her body seemed
Her heart was more so, Nancy deemed

But through all that, her beauty shone
Captain made intentions known
Nancy mourned her love, Corday
Turned the would-be suitor away

The sting of rejection, it did smart
Spurned captain had a broken heart
He promised to return one day
And steal fair Nancy's heart away

The fight was over, their work here done
Ships set sail with the rising sun
To maintain order and make wrong cease
So folks forever could live in peace

Historic tales speak of the day
When the odious pirates were made to pay,
For mayhem, murder, and rebellions
The land was freed of heinous hellions

Sometimes at night, through fog and rain
Can be heard a sad refrain
Folklore states it is a ghost
From the conflict on the English coast

Break the Bank! Epic poem contest contest entry


I know it's long but that was the contest rules...besides, I got carried away once I got started. NOTE: on three occasions, someone has remarked that there is an extra letter at the end of a sentence. I don't know where they keep coming from and they are changing my words. Maybe auto correct or something going on with formatting...driving me nuts. I hope my reviews aren't based on that alone.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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