General Poetry posted August 8, 2017

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Progresso Quattro

Lahina's Banyan Tree

by Just2Write

I find my peace beneath the banyan tree
where grace and shadows spend refreshing time
with sombre thoughts and hushed serenity.

I've come to see this grand old soul once more
and sit beneath its branches for a day.
I've come this way so many times before,
yet never quite connected in this way.

I hear its voice and now I can pretend
it's not good-bye and this is not the end;
although too soon I know I'll have to go.
Yet when I do, I want this tree to know
I cherished it and loved it as a friend.

There's others 'neath the tree -- I know them not;
though each finds comfort in the banyan's shade.
Our blended minds now know with certainty
this simple truth that time and life forgot -
we're all connected in time's grand charade;
that gift called life and shared mortality.

Poem of the Month contest entry


In Lahina, Maui - there is a Banyan Tree that covers more than an acre. It is a magnificent old tree that I first encountered when I was 21. That was more than 40 years ago, and the tree is still as strong and vibrant as ever. I love that old tree, and I hope it lives for centuries more.

The poem is a Progresso Quattro - 4 stanzas in iambic Pentameter, comprising of a Tercet, Quatrain, Quintain and a Sestet in that order. (3, 4, 5, and 6 line stanzas, respectively, which total 18 lines in the poem. Each stanza must build on the theme introduced in the Tercet.

Rhyme scheme is optional, but at least one of the rhyme sounds from the Tercet must appear in the sestet. One can also choose to repeat other rhyme sounds throughout the poem.
For this poem I have used: ABA, CDCD EEFFE GHAGHA

Photo: By the author - Lahina's Banyan tree in 2016.

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