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A drought crazed crocodile goes off seeking water

.....and then the elevator opened

by Possummagic

And then, the elevator door opened Contest Winner 

......... and then the elevator door opened. I was looking downwards, as one does, whilst awaiting
what must be the slowest elevator in the world, to arrive at my floor.

I wasn't the first person to scream. I looked up, just as Mrs Brown pierced the air, with her
absolutely terrified squeal!

A crocodile....... A bloody huge crocodile, lazily rolled its eyes back, as if disinterested, and flicked it's tail from one side of the elevator to the other!

" Bejaysus", I screamed! (a "left over" exclamation, emanating from an Irish childhood)
"What the f..........." I was bewildered, as bodies peeled off and headed for the safety of various
offices. I fortunately had the presence of mind to press the elevator button to close it and then
hurried off not too far behind them.

So due to my quick thinking, the crocodile didn't disembark at our floor, but carried on its journey

I dialled Pete, who was manning the reception desk for the CEO that day. The phone was hastily snatched up, at the same time, as I heard Pete's blood curdling scream. But the phone was off the hook and the crocodile had definitely exited the elevator this time. I wanted to drop the phone, because I could hear the sound of the crocodile crushing someone's bones, but I was glued to the spot.

" Pete!..... Pete!........ Pete, are you there? ...... are you okay?" I heard a thump, and the line went

"Jeez what to do? What to do?" I quickly rang 000, feeling I was in some sort of nightmare and I
would wake up any second.

" What's your emergency? fire, ambulance or police?" Chirped the
friendly lady at the other end of the line.

"Police.... Ambulance... I don't know.... there's a great bloody crocodile in our office building, and I'm
pretty sure it's killed at least one staff member, maybe more."

"Can you stay on the line safely?" She enquired

"Yes!" it was all I could get out!

" Good, just make sure that the room you are in is locked, and stay there until the police arrive. Keep talking to me, can you do that?" She was soothing my senses with her presence, albeit over the phone.

"Yes," I was shaking all over, I felt quite faint and immediately threw breakfast up and into the
waste paper bin. I kept hearing what I thought was Pete's skull being crushed.

" Okay, something's happening," I informed the telephonist. I felt myself lift up a little, at the sight of
the boys in blue entering the floor. I put the phone back into its cradle and walked towards
the door. The senior officer beckoned me, as I cautiously opened the door, a crack.

I could have cried with joy at the sight of the officer's firearms on their utility belts. Even as I thought
of my stand against guns, I knew that this was an exceptional case.

"What seems to be the problem?" The bigger man of the two enquired. He was easily six foot three, and a mountain of pure muscle. His name tag told me that he was Sergeant Golden.

So, I started to recount my bizarre tale and he didn't bat an eyelid. "It happens " Sergeant Golden
commented, shrugging his shoulders, "we get a bit of a drought and the pesky creatures venture into the stormwater drains, in search of water. Then sometimes they will venture farther, and they are as frightened of us, as we are of them. Every body screaming and shouting... it unnerves them".

The next twenty minutes or so, was a flurry of excitement, as the ambulance arrived only to
pronounce poor old Pete as deceased.

Simultaneously, a pair of "Steve Irwin look alikes" arrived and had the croc trussed up and Immobile in what seemed to be moments. "Jeez those guys are good," I thought to myself.

Well that was me finished for the day, I was emotionally and physically drained. So I packed my brief case and went to head off home. I walked to the elevator and then......... took the stairs instead!

Writing Prompt
We hardly know what we may see when an elevator door opens . I chose Horror and thriller for those of you who are that genre' fans. I'm actually not. Good luck.

And then, the elevator door opened
Contest Winner


Where did the idea for the crocodile come from? I have no idea. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The photo was of an African crocodile and borrowed from Wikipedia
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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