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Three Nights Aweek

Dressed In Drag

by country ranch writer

Three nights a week you could forget who you were, it was a way for men to earn extra money for college. Dressing in drag was a thing of mystery so much they couldn't couldn't believe the transformation. Many of different races and ethnic cultures were included. Many male prostatutes made their living this way. Transvestites were a big thing in countries overseas before coming to the American counties to get work.

Back over sixty three years ago men dressed in drag as many as three nights a week.They could express them selves dressed in woman's clothing by entertaining folks. Back then so many college kids were just trying to make living to pay their bills and put food on the table. Dressing in drag was not accepted by all cultures and many were beaten or killed. They said it was considered taboo.

They did it for many reasons some personal, others because they enjoyed fooling others into thinking they were female some said it made feel sexy. Having attentention paid to them by guys turned them on big time. Over the years they were known as female impersonators. Some became very famous and became top performers. Many just liked to dress in drag and parade across the stage wiggling there asses and shaking their boobs at another man just to watch them jerk off in the audience.

Many were actually straight and not gay making good money to support their families so they could get by. It is still big business in today's society. Overseas has a great calling for men in drag and as for sex it's open season there right out in public. Not unusual to see men feeling up another man or man/girl making out in public.

There was a small club on the out skirts of an old town along the Bayou in Lousianna where anything goes. Jasper had frequented this place with his buddies. They always tried to get him to drop his code of ethics and join them in their antics. He was embarrassed to be seen with him. He would tell them he was above lowering himself to do such foolishness. He wasn't no dam transvestite! They just laughed at him and went on doing what they did best. They'd flaunt themselves in front of him as they got ready transforming themselves into their characters.

One evening they had all gone out drinking and they took Jasper to see the voodoo woman. They convinced her he was like them but he needed his inhabitions to come out and not be afraid of doing so in front of others. When she tried to put a spell on him he cursed her and called her every name in the book. She let him leave with his friends and didn't charge them any money.She said," this curse is going to be on me. You just sit back and just be patient when he least expects it he will regret ever cussing me and calling me a cunt with no brains." He didn't know she was a transvestite.

Jasper thought he was starting to feel a bit different every time they'd go out. He wondered if the saying was beginning to come true. If you hang with them long enough you begin to act like them subconsciously.

He began to think he was loosing his mind. Watching his friends getting ready he felt himself getting hot. He said,"I wonder what it is like to kiss one of them?"

He began to get the hots for skinny Matt. When he was dressed in drag you couldn't believe he was gay. She was one hot woman (Matt) He/she dated quite often. The guys that came to see them perform always asked for him. They liked to show him off to their friends to see if they could tell the difference. They paid Matt thousands of dollars to be seen with them. They paid him more to have sex with them.

Then Jasper discovered he liked the feel of ladies underware when he rubbed it across his cheek. One night while they were on stage performing. Jasper snuck into the dressing room and put on a pair of panties and wore them all night. He discovered they were't as binding as his own underware. They were so soft and silky. He actually enjoyed the way they made him feel, he swore holy fuck these feel good! As he rubbed his crotch.

Little did he know the curse had started its slow transformation. He found himself wearing sexy underware, bra and panties. He found himself buying and wearing ladies boots hidden under the legs of his trousers three times a week, especially on the nights the moon was full. Jason liked the things he did in secret. It made him feel special. He decided to buy a wig, ladies clothes and make up. All the stuff that was making himself feel sexy. He kept everything hidden from his friends. What would they think?

At night all alone in his home he would practice walking and talking sexy like he had seen his friends do. He became quite proficient and one night he mustered up enough balls to try his idea out. He was going to go out in public. No one knew he was a man, as he walked about town getting wolf whistles as he sashayed along the streets.

Returning home he was all proud of himself and he even scolded himself for making fun of his good buddies. "I wonder what the fuck they would say now." He said out loud," If they could only see me now."
Now he was up to dressing in drag and still wearing his boots three nights a week, especially so when the moon was up. Dressed in drag one night he decided decided to meet the boys at the club to see if they could pick him out of the crowd. The moon was full as he walked the few miles to the club. On his way there the voodoo lady started walking along beside him. She said,"I see you are on your way to the club. May I join you madem. " I wouldn't mind at all," Jasper said. I am going to surprise some friends of mine.

As they entered the club his friends came walking up to them and started talking to them. The voodoo lady told Matt ,"This is you friend Jasper, my job is now complete." She disappeared into thin air. They all stood there looking at Jasper in complete disbelief.

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