General Fiction posted July 1, 2017

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The last man on earth finds a cat.

The Cat

by Thomas Bowling

The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door. Steve cautiously opened the door and looked around.

“Hello. Is anyone here?”


He looked down and saw a black kitten.

“Hi, little girl. Where did you come from?”

Steve picked up the kitten and took her inside.

“I'll bet you're hungry, aren't you? How about some milk. Here you go, just what the lady ordered. I knew it. Look at you lap it up. You must have been starving. Don't worry, I've got lots of milk. You and I are going to be friends.”

Over the next few days, Steve and Elinor became fast friends.

“Do you know who Elinor was? She was made famous by one of Poe's poems. That's why I gave you the name. You're going to be a famous cat someday if people ever show up again. I hope they do. I was starting to get lonely, but now that you're here things are looking up.”

Elinor rubbed against Steve's leg. 

“At a girl. You're a loving cat. You'll keep me company.”

Elinor grew into a beautiful cat and Steve loved her. 

“I've got a confession. I've never been much of a cat person, but you changed all of that. You're a hundred times better than a dog. I'm glad it wasn't a dog at my door.”

“What kind of cat are you?”

“What kind of cat do you want me to be?”

“What? Cats can't talk.”

“Why not Steve? I can do whatever I want. Would you like me to be your lover?”

“No!, Hell no!. It wouldn't be right.”

“Who's to say what's right or wrong, Steve. We're the only ones on Earth. Shouldn't that give freedom to do what we want?”

“Yes, but believe me, that's not what I want.”

“Okay. Have it your way.”

Elinor walked into the bedroom. When she emerged she was a beautiful woman. 

“Remember, Steve, you said no love making.”


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