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Your life can change in a blink of an eye, or can it?

A chapter in the book The Two Pillars of Mars

Pizza Boy

by Mary-Kate

As Declan pulled on his jeans, smelt his shirt and decided it was good for one more wear, he realized he was going to be late for work. He tried to brush his boistrus curls off his face, grabbed his keys and folded his lanky frame into his ancient Datsun.

He was embarassed to be seen in this antiquated car but it got him from A to B. Declan did not particularly like his job but it paid the rent for his one room in an old house he shared with four others. He pretty much kept to himself, enjoying the reality of XBOX to the reality beyond the bedroom door.

"Declan you have been battling Aliens again, get your butt in here, I got an order to go..", barked his boss. Jack was forty something, tired of making pizzas and Declan was testing his patience.
Declan didn't speak, just grabbed the pizza and headed out the door.
"This one is for the Oberservatory, you better take the scooter, your old bomb wont make it up there! And Declan, dont take all night, twenty minutes tops!
The Parkes Observatory gained notority in 1969 when it assisted NASA by being a relay and communication base for the Lunar Landing. To Declan, it was just a big dish. He had no interest in the stories, after all he was not a local.
Declan and his mother had moved a lot during his childhood. He never really understood his mother's motives, but she was all he had.
Declan did not show emotion, just headed out of town to the Oberservatory. The locals had a special fondness for the Dish and it was well and truely a part of their lives. Everyone knew someone who had something to do with the Dish.
Declan had only been in town for about 10 months and had travelled from Sydney with his mother. Declan's mother was always looking over her shoulder, always paranoid that someone was watching her. Declan just accepted she was a little crazy and was aware of her drug habit. So many times she promised things would be different and for awhile they would be. There was not one place he could identify as home. He did not even know where he was born and his mother frequently changed the story, he had not idea what was true. The one he liked best was that he was born in the back of a taxi, somewhere in Perth, on the way to hospital.
When his mother said she was moving again, Declan said enough! He was staying in Parkes, until something better came along.

This was the first time he had stood up to his mother and she had begged him to go with her. He did worry how she would get on without him. Declan had cared for his mother all his life and could not remember a time when the roles where reversed. Declan had his Pizza job, no plan, no vision, a mother he did not understand and a father he never knew.
Declan's education was sparce, but when he was given a chance he could be brilliant. But nobody took interest in a drifter kid.

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