Children Fiction posted June 24, 2017

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A children's story to find your own truth.

Dragon's Cape

by Mary-Kate

There once lived a little Dragon in a kingdom far away.
He was different from all his dragon friends.
He would hide behind his Mother's tail when other dragons called.
He was shy and quiet.
Dragon like his cave.
It was warm and snug.
His Mother said he was too big to spend all his time in the cave.
He would have to be brave and go outside.
Dragon tried, but he would run back to his cave.
Dragon's scales were a little different from the other dragons.
His were dull and bumpy and they would laugh at him.
Dragon's Mother said he just needed a little sunlight and courage.
She would say, all will be well, little Dragon.
His Mother decided he needed a little help.
She made him a cape and sprinkled it with her magic love.
Dragon put on his new cape and as soon as he stepped out of his cave, it shimmered and glistened in the sunlight.
It was magnificent and all his friends wanted one too!
Dragon felt very special and a little braver.
Everyday he spent more and more time out of his cave.
All the while something magical was happening.
He was growing and changing and becoming the Dragon he was meant to be!
One day when he was roaming around his cape got snagged on a thorny bush and ripped it from his back!
Dragon was sad. His beautiful cape was torn.
But all his friends where looking and staring at his back.
Dragon thought he might cry, but his friends said it was alright.
They lead Dragon to the stream to look at his reflection.
As he looked into the water, to his surprise he had magnificent colourful scales that shimmered and glistened in the sunlight, just like his cape!
Dragon felt proud and grown up.
As Dragon grew and grew he become more beautiful and was a kind and thoughtful Dragon.
Across the land he was known for his wisdom.
He never forgot how his mother lovingly made his cape and how he learnt to let his true light shine.

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