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Barbara and Brown take the ledger to the police station

A chapter in the book The Last Laugh

O' Brother

by mbroyles2

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Chapter 40

The outside humidity and temperature rose.  Heavy clouds rolled in from the west, occasionally hiding the moon.  In the distance, heat lightning flashed, followed by the low rumble of thunder.  It was an ominous sight.

Yet, Jimmy Daniels noticed a glow about Barbara Paige, as if she’d been dipped in sunlight.  She rode shotgun, gazing out the window, taking in the dancing lights across the sky and humming an old Foreigner song; “I want to know what love is.”

“Well,” Jimmy said. “I’ve seen the effects of this spell on women before, but usually on those I’ve cast it on.  This is the first time I’ve witnessed it on someone who’s been around Matthew.”


Jimmy smiled. “Welcome back.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking about…Oh, never mind what I was thinking about.  Let’s talk about you.  Are you going to go back and check out that little waitress?  She obviously has the hots for you.”

“That depends.”

“Depends on what?”

“If the Cyclones win or lose tonight.”

“I’m confused. What do cyclones have to do with it?”

“Never mind.  That’s an inside joke.  I don’t know, maybe.  She was kind of cute.”

Barbara’s mind wandered again, and Jimmy let it go.  Eventually, she thumbed her phone and spoke.

“It’s me.  We’re going to take the back entrance.  We don’t want a lot of witnesses.  Okay, see you soon, bye.”  She drifted back to watching the approaching storm. Her humming soon turned into soft singing.  “I want you to show me…”

Brown continued the drive.  Barbara reminded him of a lovesick teenager on prom night.

Good for you, Matthew.


The Operator sat in his car drinking a Coke and munching on pork rinds.  Droplets of rain began to bead on the windshield. 


The “police personnel only” entrance was less than twenty yards away.  He would need to move quickly.  When she called and said the pair would be using the back entrance, he assumed the CCTV would be turned off or otherwise disabled. Foot traffic shouldn’t be a problem either, as no other officers were due in until 3rd shift.

This is risky, but it has to be done.

Headlights approached, and the vehicle pulled into the police parking lot.  The Operator snapped on a pair of latex gloves, prepped the syringe, took one last gulp of Coke, and picked up the blackjack.  Before the two occupants exited the car, he was on the move.  The rain, coming down at a steady pace now, would muffle his approach from behind.

The pair were laughing and cutting up.  The man, more like a boy, the Operator thought, walked behind the detective.  He raised his right hand in reaction to the sharp sting of the needle in his neck, but fell to the ground without reaching it.

The woman whirled around; her smile vanished, replaced with widened eyes.  “What the ---?”

Before she could draw her pistol, the Operator came around with the blackjack and struck her across the side of the head.  The impact sounded like the snapping of a towel.  She landed hard, unmoving, and silent.  Her beautiful eyes fluttered before closing completely.  The Operator removed her 9mm.  Rumor had it she’d shown a fancy to Granite, might have already fucked him. He scanned her body and took in the long legs, small waist, and ample breasts. Nice piece of ass.  She’d be good leverage.

He looked back at his car.  Too far to drag her all the way.  Better just take the boy.  He raised the 9mm and pointed it at her head.  What a shame.

“What are you doing?”

The Operator turned.  Detective John Hazelton stood several yards back, blinking from the rain, hands shoved into his pants pockets.

“What’s it look like I’m doing?”  The Operator raised the 9mm.

“You don’t want to do that here,” Hazelton said.

The Operator placed the 9mm into the waistline of his jeans.  “Fuck it.  Give me a hand then.”

Hazelton came forward and helped lift the woman.  She let out a moan, barely audible over the increasing rain.

“Dad is going to be so pissed,” he said.

The Operator smiled as they carried the detective. “Fuck, dad.”

Matthew Granite       Investigator seeking the assassin and answers to the Ozlet girls' murders.
The “Operator”         The Assassin looking for a mysterious "box" that the Ozlet family has hidden.
Marko                         aka "The Mountain". A private bodyguard hired by Granite.

Camille                       aka "The Shadow". A former CIA agent hired by Marko
Jimmy Daniels             aka "Brown". A computer genius hired by Granite
R.J. McBride                Granite's former partner while on the police force.

Harold Banisek           Granite's business manager
           Manager of "Stingrays" a bar owned by Granite
Mutton Chops              The leader of “The Chamber”
Todd Grilliot                 Mitchell Ozlet’s son by Marie Grilliot
John Hazelton               A Detective working on the Melody Ozlet murder case.
Barbara Paige               A Detective working on the Melody Ozlet murder case


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