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Please Save My Life

by Abby Wilson-hand

As I sat there knowing the next day would be surgery day. I had to have a hysterectomy. I called my sister and told her" I was afraid I was going to die". She says "Abby they do theses every day". So me being the brave one, I had left for the hospital. As they hooked me up to Ivy's, so afraid that something was going to happen.

As they wheeled me down the hall to the operating room I felt so insecure. They had moved me from the bed to the operating table. As the work went on around me I had gotten more nervous than ever before. As they put the mask towards my face I only remember the nurse say "count backwards for me".

I had woke up and my mother was sitting there and I told her "I don't feel well at all" I could barely get the words out. I had kept pushing my nurses button and nobody came in. My mother had went out and said "something is wrong with my daughter". As the nurses came in I was going in and out , my mind was going in circles as I was trying to breath. The nurse yelled we have problems here and pushed the code button.

Everyone was in a rush, by this time I was out more than I was awake. I felt the bed moving, they were running me down the hall and one nurse says hurry we are losing her. I remember my eyes opened wide just so I knew I was alive. They basically threw me on the operating table. There happened to be a doctor standing next to me and he was looking at his watch saying " if her doctor is not here in ten minutes I'm leaving". In total complete shock I could not believe what this doctor had just said. I had opened my eyes and said " If you don't want to save my life get the heck out of here". I said to the nurse "please save my life"!

The next thing I remember was the mask coming towards my face. I had woken up with my family crying around me and all I heard was a machine breathing for me. I was on life support. The doctor had come in and said we lost you there for a few minutes kiddo, we had forgotten to cauterize three main arteries. All I could think about was that one doctor that stood there and did nothing but complain, about being ready to go home. I will never forget the shock of this whole experience. I could not believe all the things I remember about that day, that I knew would go so wrong.

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This story is so true and life changing in a blink of an eye.
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