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How They Are Different


by country ranch writer

I was talking with my friend Running Deer about the good times we had when were growing up. Learning about cultures and how we were different. Having to learn how to adjust for some was hard them to do growing up. I was headed out towards the place we knew so well as as children to go hunting for some Thanksgiving turkey. I was just eight years old back then behind Running Deer in age. I was still a good hunter.
I was living there the summer they brought Cheyenne to the reservations to live. She was considered a wild child. She was determined to create havoc within the family circle, she was always in trouble. She didn't want to learn their culture or their ways of doing things, not even praying. I still laugh about it.Whenever i think about our life learning experiences while down on the reservation. I never realized just how different we were. We were just kids and to us color, race or creed didn't matter to us.

I couldn't wait to see her again, they told him she had grown into a beautiful raven haired beauty. First Thanksgiving they'd be together since leaving home to see the world. It was being held at Running Deers ranch and everyone was welcome to show up.

Running Deer and I taught her the meaning of friendship, patience, hunting and survival, It was a learning lesson for all at the reservation by offering friendship across cultures. They said," It's better this way to understand the American Culture. By helping them to learn to communicate in English it would teach them to be more self sufficient."
I was sad for Cyeyenne, as she looked at her life there living on the reservation there as punishment, she simmered down some as time went on. We all found out she wasn't responsible for her parents dying. Her mother had been married to Tall Man a bronc rider and champion bull rider. Thare were killed going to the rodeo one rainy night. Tall Man had swerved to keep from hitting another vehicle that was stalled in the road. Chyenne after the accident was brought to the reservation to live, to be raised by her uncle Running Wolf. He was her only living relative and to young to be on her own.

We all became inseparable as we got older. Learning about each other and how different cultures were between the Indian life and the White man's life. We learned we were so different. When we all left the reservations we learned to make our way in the world. it seemed to make it easier for us kids and better to learn and understand our cultural differences.

Running Deer and I were drafted during the war with Japan. I was sent to the U.S. Coast Guard , Running Deer was sent to the special forces to decode messages. Cheyenne and Running Deer and I kept in touch as much as we could. A bond that had formed between us over the years Running Deer Always knew how to find me during our years of service, our bond so close it that would never be broken. I was so excited to be here and so much catching up to do.I was glad to be home to celebrate.

Cheyenne had gone on to become an English translator for the Government. She could speak eight languages. She said, "It was worth it to communicate with others from foreign countries.Talking to the people gave her a better insight of knowing that no two people are alike."

I had found it challenging at times but always remembered what Running Deer had taught me . Everyone has their own way of doing things and every culture is different. Cultures profoundly influenced how people thought, communicated, and behaved, making Friends Across Cultures.

People from all continents and cultures coming together to exchange ideas and the building of trust across boundaries. Changing the world One Friendship At A Time!

Suddenly there they were! A flock of turkeys came into view. Taking careful aim and waiting for the exact moment to shoot. I shot the biggest one of the bunch. Must be my lucky day I thought to myself collecting my turkey I headed on home with Running Deer singing as I went. This was one time I was hoping my plans turned out.

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