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The 'King' of Poems

by Rasmine

Dedicated to Stephen King and all fans of horror, spooky, scary, and so on, readers and writers.
My favorite author, Stephen King,
makes my love of horror sing.
I clutch his book and want him to sign
his assistant says no, so back in line!
Warning: his book may cause nightmares!
Reading them takes you to horror fares.
Lots of dreams you write about my friend Dean.
Put down the King book and read Ellery Queen!
Guess his eerie stories by not looking below,
then look down for answer--be a Longfellow toe.
Stephen King’s the best and always will be,
at least until I’m haunting, then we will see.
1.King can take a death and make it a delight,
make stars fall out of the cosmos at night.
It will be a spooky, skinny, zombie-like alien
who will poison water when they come calling.
2.A haunted car by its former owner;
non-suspecting teen bought/tuned her.
She took him for quite a spooky ride;
not all of the characters survived.
3.A minister set out and was healing
all and a drug addict, how appealing!
Had to track all that he cured;
ending for all, was quick like a blur.
4.Came beings from way up above;
creatures you do not want to love.
Main character digging in the ground
throwing dirt until a ship was found.
5.Pets will be buried, to come fully alive
and little Gage will make you want to hide
Church will come to spook and gross you out.
‘Dead is better’ you hear someone shout!
6.Vampires will go out in the moonlight.
They suck your blood, it is a delight.
Almost all in town has gone beyond.
Don’t invite them in, don’t let them bond.
7.Give a being what he wants and he will go away
may very well be a terrible, rotten, stinking day.
A terrible snow storm, the ones that I love,
will ravage this town from clouds up above
8.Roland roams the empty plane.
He walks the mile on a dusty lane.
Woman in a steel chair—
all will have to beware!
9.Other world-beings come out of the wall.
Oh lordy! I hear someone call.
In a grocery store, of all the things.
Oh, what delight, the foggy mist brings
10.A Nazi is still crazy and furious.
Main character gets very curious,
then with him becomes a friend;
homeless people will find an end.
11.A deranged woman captures a love;
captured novelist submits like a dove.
She thinks her man is finally found,
the writer tries to not make a sound.
12.A creature comes to live in Desperation,
he knows this will be a cool operation.
Takes over people becomes part of their mind.
Me thinks he's a demented one of a kind.
13.A boy flickers back and forth between duo world
wants to save his mother from sick that has curled.  
Who knows what will happen--wait to read Jack,
he will lead you through pages and an attack.
14.Four boys go to find a rotting body,
one tells a funny, vomit-filled story.
Friends forever will never be bored. 
They want to get a significant reward.
15.Bunch of friends that have forgotten their past;
scary clowns out of sewers; balloons that blast.
A spider they fight that came out of drain,
lots of love they did have and some bad pain.
16.A little boy goes to a haunted hotel with his folks.
He uses his gift and outcome the terrible ghosts.
He rides his tricycle by the scariest room by far
and his father gets drunk sitting in a cursed bar.
17.Danny, now all grown up and alive
lost his father when he was five.
Wendy smoked herself to death;
son helps destroy stealers of breath.
18.Husband chained his wife
then he lost his life
Something new in bedroom,
like a bride and groom.
19.A developing girl finds out she has breasts
but that is not all that has come home to rest.
Moves things around with her mind then goes after her foes,
moves things at a dance, after slowly walks out on her toes.
20.I stand by my friends, I stand by my God.
One character in here has a beautiful dog.
A plague kills almost all except two groups;
Move the dead than became Lord’s troops.
21.A friendly dog he is not to be,
traps in a car, a mom and baby.
Child dies, mother lives, end gave away.
You haven’t read this? Sorry, good day!
22.Smith in a coma, that is really quite sad.
His girlfriend stands by his side, she has it bad,
But year after year, he loses the betting—
she really and truly wanted a wedding.
23.In the thirties, a woman was choked.
Her daughter drowning, it was no joke.
The men all thought they got away,
but she haunted this man one day.
24.She lights fires with just a thought.
Running away trying to not get caught
One-eyed ‘friend’ tries to manipulate;
all burned up was his terrible fate.
25.An author designs a character who becomes his twin.
He really didn’t look at him and say ‘where ya’ been?”
The other-worldly brother kills and maims.
Doctors found part of a twin in his brain.
26.Delores Claiborne, have to be honest, was a terrible bore.
So, sorry to Stephen, but I am not a total King whore.
Some things were too frazzled and truly messed.
On to the next King book—he should feel blessed.
27.The phone call book I cannot wait to explore,
I can’t wait to climb through that Stephen King door.
Do not review with telling the end; would be torment
by giving away the plot—want to savor and ferment.
I think this poem is way, way over the limit
Of what you wanted to read, unless it was ‘It’
So, goodbye, for now, my loyal, wonderful friends
And remember that this reality is never the end! ð???

Poem of length contest entry


I looked to the heavens and then to hell for a free photo of my favorite author--online images are too big, or you have to dig in your wallet. This photo is from my book jacket of 'Desperation', the book I sent to Stephen to sign, to have it sent back by his assistant saying he isn't signing at this time. I never bothered to send it back. I edited this photo in iPiccy, which is awesome cause it is free where Photobucket cost an arm sawed off. :P The smokey effect is supposed to be the spirits whispering into King's ear and inspiring him. The corgi is his pet dog from when she was a pup. Her name is Molly, and he nicknames her 'The Thing of Evil'. :P

1. Dreamcatcher
2. Christine
3. Revival
4. The Tommyknockers
5. Pet Semetary
6. Salem's Lot
7. The storm of the century
8. Gunslinger: Drawing of the Three
9. The Mist
10. Apt Pupil
11. Misery
12. Desperation
13. Talisman
14. Stand by me, or The Body
15. It
16. The Shining
17. Doctor Sleep
18. Gerald's Game
19. Carrie
20. The Stand
21. Cujo
22. Dead Zone
23. Bag of Bones
24. Firestarter
25. The Dark Half
26. Delores Claiborne
27. The Cell

Thanks to all, this was very fun.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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