Mystery and Crime Script posted April 20, 2017

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Lucy gets her revenge.

Lucy's Revenge Act V

by Thomas Bowling

They pull up to the church and go in to talk to Father Pontrain.

Caleb: Good mornin' Father. We need to know if you've seen Lucy lately?

Father Pontrain: No, it's been quite awhile. I don't expect to see her anymore.

Caleb: They found her bones. Sit down for this one . . . they were thirty years old.

Father Pontrain crosses himself.

Father Pontrain: It's true then. There's already talk of petitioning to have her declared a saint. We have enough confirmed sightins' and miracles, not to mention your healin' to make it happen.

Lionel: Saint Lucy. Kinda like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Caleb and the priest look at Lionel disapprovingly.

Lionel: Sorry. I didn't mean no disrespect.

Father Pontrain: I wish I could help. I'll tell you if I hear anythin'. Lucy was a fine girl. She didn't deserve the hand she was dealt. I'm not second judging God or nothin', but she got a bum rap. There wasn't a sweeter person on earth than Lucy. She'll be sorely missed.

Caleb: Amen to that Father. She was an angel. I believe that.

Father Pontrain wipes tears from his eyes as the two men walk away. The deputies go back to the car. Caleb leans on the roof.

Caleb: Ready for some chow?

Lionel: You know me. I'm always ready.

Caleb: Let's hit the diner.

At the diner Aleyde waits on them.

Aleyde: I can't stop thinkin' about Lucy. That poor girl lay in the dirt all by herself. It breaks my heart. She was so sweet and to wind up buried in a field. It just ain't right.

Caleb: I know. She deserves some answers.

The two men eat in silence, both deep in thought. Sheriff Gray approaches.

Sheriff Gray: I thought I might find you fellas here. I've got some answers about Lucy.

Babyface committed suicide yesterday. He left a note. I'm surprised he could write after gettin' his skull bashed in. The doctor says the human brain is a complicated affair. Different sections control different abilities. The part of Babyface's brain that was damaged was the speech center. His mind was still active but it was trapped in a body that couldn't vocalize his thoughts. Every time he tried to speak, it came out gibberish.

Babyface wrote a long ramblin' suicide note, more like a letter. It was twelve pages. He named a lot of his victims. Told what he did to them. It's a rough read. He liked to torture them before he killed them. Said he liked to see them beg. He wrote four pages about Caleb and Aleyde. He had special plans for you two. He had never killed an adult. He was going to take his time. Trust me, you don't want to hear the details.

He ended the letter by talking about Lucy. Turns out she was a spittin' image of the girl who humiliated him in school. He said she was too pretty to live.

He made her his first victim. He said she told him she was visitin' her grandparents in Lafayette. Said she promised that if he let her go she would go away and he would never see her again. That wasn't enough for Babyface. He tortured her and killed her. He buried her behind his house and later moved her to where we found her.

He said he hoped his suicide would give him peace and she would finally stop visiting him.

Caleb: I hope she visits him forever. That would be Lucy's Revenge.


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