Spiritual Poetry posted April 15, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
What is missing from Easter

Good friday Spell

by Wabigoon

he let the dog out of the car
she found the tossed out deer hides
soaking in the Yellow River water
hung up on the snags of re-bar
poking up from chunks of concrete
the large plastic laundry basket
on the shore begged the question
whose laundry was it?

Dark clouds scudded by overhead
it was the day before Good Friday

The blue panties hanging from the tree branch
said something erotic
but desolate
a cry
his cry
caught on a twig

He could not tell if they were men's or women's
he could have used a stick to get them down
but they seemed intentional
to signify something
a flag maybe

he remembered walking home
covered in Judyensau slime
even his eyes
where he could still see
Luther's orders to the German Princes to burn down all the Synagogues
transfer Jews to community settlements;
confiscate all Jewish literature, which was blasphemous;
prohibit rabbis to teach, on pain of death;
deny Jews safe-conduct, so as to prevent the spread of Judaism;
appropriate their wealth and use it to support converts
and to prevent the lewd practice of usury;
assign Jews to manual labor as a form of penance
through his tears.

these were the elements of Easter then
the deer hides, the plastic laundry basket
the Yellow River sign
the chunks of jackpine on the hill
the blue panties on the tree limb
the transected deer
cut precisely in half on the side of the road
oopsing Luther's orders

how hard is it
to resurrect what has been forgotten
How hard to forgive

Poem of the Month contest entry


These Orders from Luther to the German princes are directly copied into the poem.

For Pam. Meaning it's for you.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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