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Chapter 4 in Flower Power.

A chapter in the book The Adventures of Flower Power

Flower Power finds compassion

by Rasmine

Chapter one: Introduction of Flower Power. Two--is when he finds out about Goldie. Three--he finds Goldie.
“First, superheroes never use their fists, they use their words."  The golden dragonfly looked thoughtful.  “What you did to Jay wasn’t very nice.  You could have just told him that what he said hurt your feelings.”  Goldie looked closely at Flower Power.  "Do you think you should apologize?"

Flower sighed and nodded.  He felt bad after Jay told him that a superhero doesn’t punch.  But he didn’t understand because he saw superheroes punching the bad guys in Rose’s mother’s house. 

“But what about human TV shows where superheroes punch the bad guys?”

“Flower, those shows are for humans, not us.  Plus, they are for entertainment and not for real.  In real life superheroes never resort to violence.  Yes, you do have to defend but only in extreme cases."  Goldie rubbed her temples with her first legs. 

“Now I want to teach you some martial arts, in the case of an extreme situation.  But this is based on peace, harmony, and love for all.  It’s called Aikido.”


“Yes.  It is based on principles that will help you with inner peace and decision making utilizing peace, compassion, and love for all—including all involved in extreme settings.”

Flower nodded his head listening to every word.  He was trying to absorb this wisdom. 

“Flower how do you introduce yourself?”

He perked up.  “I am Flower Power, defender of floral everywhere.”

Goldie nodded and frowned.  “How about ‘I’m Flower Power, defender of all life, everywhere?”

Flower nodded.  Maybe I really am a superhero.

Goldie tied a kerchief around her head, then handed one to Flower.  “Now we will meditate on that peace…."


Thank you, Mark :P Finally found his picture!

This is book four of Flower Power. I'm trying to publish book one, which here is chapter one, MK Flood is my illustrator. He is one awesome illustrator. Check out his art on FanArtReview, listen to his YouTubes--you will not be disappointed. :)
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Artwork by MKFlood at

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